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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 457 - 457 Contestant with the Highest Support Rate

457 Contestant with the Highest Support Rate

“I’m sorry,” Jin Enshu said perfunctorily, not even looking at her.

“If you want to apologize, you have to have sincerity! I don’t accept your attitude!” Shi Qian said coldly.


Those who knew Xiao Yan knew her style of doing things. If no one provoked her, she wouldn’t react. Whoever dared to fight her head-on would definitely not get any benefits.

She did not expect a newcomer like Shi Qian to dare to be so stubborn!

However, Jin Enshu’s apology was indeed insincere.

Jin Enshu was very angry. She turned around and glanced at Zhao Ming. When she saw him giving her a warning look, her attitude immediately changed.

“Shi Qian, I’m sorry.” She apologized again.

After saying this apology, Jin Enshu felt her cheeks burn and she wanted to find a hole to hide in.

After debuting for so long, she had never suffered such humiliation!

Even if she had provoked her first, she was still the one at a disadvantage!

Shi Qian was sinister and she actually splashed makeup remover on her face!

“Hurry up and get your makeup done. Don’t delay the recording of the show anymore,” the director’s assistant reminded her.

The originally scheduled break was pushed back by two hours.

The audience in front of the stage were all guessing if something had happened backstage.

“Why did the recording take so long?”

“That’s right. Could something have happened?”

Some people couldn’t help but ask the staff.

“Everyone, don’t be anxious. There’s a problem with the equipment and it’s being repaired, so it’s delayed. We’ll inform everyone as soon as the equipment is repaired.”

Hearing the staff’s explanation, the audience fell silent and waited patiently.

It was easy to put on light makeup. She just needed to change into a gown. Moreover, Xiao Yan was prepared.

It was even easier to put on makeup. She already had such a good foundation. If it weren’t for the fact that she would look too plain without makeup and could even go out without makeup.

Shi Qian quickly appeared in front of everyone.

However, Jin Enshu did not appear for a long time.

The staff chased after her and asked three times, but they all said that she was still putting on makeup.

“How is this makeup? She had plastic surgery at the scene, right?” someone teased.

These words immediately caused a burst of laughter.

It took Jin Enshu almost two hours to put on makeup alone.

The director looked at the time. Three sets had just been recorded. Now, at most, there could be one more set. The remaining sets could only be recorded tomorrow.

Although he had planned for two days, he still did not want to be delayed by such a matter.

After everyone was in position, the recording began.

“Now, let’s draw the next contestant to perform, number seventeen! Let’s invite contestant number seventeen to begin your performance.”

Number 17 was Jin Enshu. She took the microphone and sang her most popular sweet song.

As soon as the music started, the audience below the stage had already begun to cheer according to the rhythm.

“Oh my god, is it Jin Enshu? Did she really participate in this show? I’m actually so close to my idol?”

“I have to press pass. I want to see if it’s her!”

“If it’s really her, this will be the closest I’ll ever get to my idol!”

In less than ten seconds, Jin Enshu’s support rate exceeded 50%. In the end, when she finished performing, it actually exceeded 90%!

She had become the contestant with the highest support rate on the field.

Director Xiang was very surprised by this outcome. In fact, it was beyond his expectations!