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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 456 - 456 I Won't Offend Others If They Don't Offend Me

456 I Won’t Offend Others If They Don’t Offend Me

The executive director did not say anything. He looked in the Shi Qian direction and then at Jin Enshu.

His expression was a little serious. No one could guess what he was thinking now. The atmosphere became a little oppressive.


Xiao Yan walked forward and said word by word, “Director Xiang, as long as Jin Enshu apologizes to Shi Qian, this matter will be resolved.”

“What? You want her to apologize? Xiao Yan, you’re talking big! You’re relying on the fact that she has a financier behind her to do whatever she wants!” Zhao Ming retorted angrily.

“You’re not apologizing, right? Then let’s go through the legal procedures. I’ll sue Miss Jin Enshu for intentional harm!” Xiao Yan’s aura completely suppressed Zhao Ming.

With that, she turned to look at the executive director. “Director Xiang, I just saw a camera in the lounge. We just need to watch the replay to know what happened inside. In addition…”

Xiao Yan paused for a moment and walked towards the high platform that had just been filmed.

She raised her hand and pointed.

Everyone also looked in the direction she was pointing and saw a camera hanging there.

“This camera also has lights flashing. It will definitely be able to record the situation clearly when it happened.”

Shi Qian looked at Xiao Yan in shock. She was shocked by Xiao Yan’s observation skills.

Xiao Yan had actually noticed all these details.

Zhao Ming seemed to be mute, unable to refute Xiao Yan’s words. He glanced at Jin Enshu again, feeling even more helpless.

“Director Xiang, from what I understand, our show doesn’t rely on popularity to produce variety shows that are only for entertainment. You’ve hired so many capable artistes, and everyone has taken a fancy to this stage. They believe in you, so they came here. It’s not worth it to ruin a pot of soup because of a rat’s feces,” Xiao Yan said to Director Xiang.

As soon as these words were spoken, it was not only a conflict between Jin Enshu and Shi Qian.

Jin Enshu’s actions would affect the entire production team.

At first, Director Xiang had even considered the traffic problem. Now that he looked at Jin Enshu, he really felt that it was a big problem.

“Go and get the surveillance footage of the camera that Miss Xiao pointed out just now.”

“Director Xiang, can we talk in private?” Zhao Ming immediately said.

Director Xiang looked a little troubled.

Xiao Yan immediately could tell that the real investor might be Jin Enshu. Perhaps an advertiser was after the money that Jin Enshu had invested.

“The two young ladies are young and impetuous, so it’s normal for them to have some conflicts. After all, no discord, no concord! Jin Enshu will apologize to Shi Qian, and everyone can shake hands and made peace. The show has just started, so it won’t be good if word gets out.” Zhao Ming’s tone immediately changed.

He walked towards Xiao Yan. “Miss Xiao, we also know each other. If there’s anything, can we resolve it privately? Don’t make things difficult for Director Xiang.”

“I made it very clear just now. If Jin Enshu can apologize to Qian Qian in front of everyone, we won’t pursue this matter anymore. However, if Jin Enshu dares to provoke us for no reason again, don’t blame me for being merciless!” Xiao Yan said coldly.

Zhao Ming sneered in his heart, but he did not show any reaction on the surface.

“Alright, alright. Let Enshu apologize.” Zhao Ming turned around and gave Jin Enshu a look.

Jin Enshu stood up reluctantly. Her entire face was smudged, and her facial features looked ordinary.

So much for marketing blowing up her looks.