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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 454 - 454 Just With Her Face, She Can Kill Everyone in the Entertainment Industry

454 Just With Her Face, She Can Kill Everyone in the Entertainment Industry

The audience was also shocked by this tenor voice and began to press the buttons.

In less than ten seconds, the pressing rate reached 50%.


“Congratulations to contestant No. 16 for successfully breaking through the first round! Please open the door!”

The door slowly opened, and a middle-aged man walked out from behind it. He was slightly chubby and was dressed in a suit. He smiled and waved at everyone.

“Oh my god, it’s actually Li Yihao!” The audience shouted.

“The production team can actually invite Li Yihao! They’re too impressive!”

Shi Qian had also heard of Li Yihao’s name and Teacher Ouyang had mentioned it a few times.

“Welcome, Teacher Li.” The host walked up to Li Yihao and greeted him.

“Hello, host.”

After greeting each other, the host did a simple interview, which was equivalent to asking the contestants to introduce themselves.

Next, the second contestant was selected.

Two of the five contestants failed to have their doors open.

One was too nervous and did not perform well, while the other was out of tune.

This process was recorded for almost two hours. After that, the director’s assistant informed everyone to rest.

Shi Qian followed the staff’s guidance to the resting area backstage.

Xiao Yan brought Peach over to touch up her makeup.

“How do you feel?” Xiao Yan asked with a smile.

“This is my first time recording such a program. It’s quite novel.”

“Aren’t you nervous?”

“A little. Everyone was singing in the beginning, but I am a dubber. I feel pressured.”

“Don’t praise others and forget your strength.” Xiao Yan teased.

“I’m so tired! I’m like a fool. I’ve been standing there for more than two hours, and my legs are sore! How did the production team arrange it? Wasn’t the order of appearance long ago arranged? It wasn’t our turn to appear yet they let us stand there. Do they have any humanity!” A voice suddenly sounded.

Jin Enshu walked in. When she saw Shi Qian, her expression darkened. She rolled her eyes and sat on the other side.

As soon as she sat down, her assistant immediately squatted down to take off her shoes and change her into slippers.

Jin Enshu kicked her assistant with a cold expression. “My feet are in so much pain. Don’t you know how to massage them? I’ve raised you for nothing!”

The assistant quickly massaged her feet.

When Shi Qian saw this scene, she was appalled. Indeed, there were all kinds of people in this world.

She couldn’t understand why Jin Enshu was making things difficult for her the moment she arrived.

They did not know each other at all.

There were 25 contestants in the production team. Other than Jin Enshu herself, the remaining 24 were all her opponents!

“Everyone says that this production team is fair. I think it’s just a gimmick. I think some people are here because of money!” After Jin Enshu finished speaking, she looked at Shi Qian meaningfully.

Shi Qian ignored her.

The more this kind of mad dog was ignored, the fiercer she screamed.

Seeing that Shi Qian did not respond to her, Jin Enshu actually stood up and walked towards her.

She was still holding a cup of tea.

Her body was like a water snake as she twisted the table in front of her and sat down.

Looking at Shi Qian’s beautiful face, a trace of jealousy flashed across her heart.

A place like the entertainment industry depended on appearances.

With her looks, she could kill everyone in the entertainment industry just by relying on her looks!

“Shi Qian, my name is Jin Enshu. Nice to meet you.” Jin Enshu extended her hand to Shi Qian.

“I’m sorry, I’m not happy to know you.” Shi Qian stood up and prepared to leave.

Suddenly, the cup in Jin Enshu’s hand tilted. Shi Qian subconsciously raised her hand to block it, and tea splashed down her neck.