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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 452 - 452 Provocation

452 Provocation

Shi Qian realized that these people looked at her as if they knew her, but she did not know any of them.

She smiled politely at everyone. “Hello, everyone.”


The few of them nodded in response and did not say anything else before getting busy.

“Qian Qian, let me help you put on your makeup.” Peach put down a makeup box and pulled a chair for Shi Qian.

Shi Qian sat on a chair and looked at the information sent by Xiao Yan on her phone.

Xiao Yan had already obtained the information of all the guests.

There were many professional contestants, professional actors, and some seniors in the voice acting world. Among these people, she could only be considered a newcomer.

Perhaps in order to attract fans and enhance the effect of the show, the production team had even hired a few famous celebrities.

Just as Xiao Yan had said, there were all kinds of people.

“After your makeup, you can go to the studio to take photos.” A voice sounded at the door.

“Okay,” someone replied.

It was late, and the few people in front were almost done. Everyone left the dressing room one after another.

When Shi Qian also appeared in the studio, many people had already taken photos.

“Is Shi Qian done? Can we shoot now?”

“Done,” Xiao Yan replied.

Shi Qian lifted her skirt and walked towards the stage. The venue was a stage that was two meters tall.

Everyone’s backdrop was the same.

At this moment, a figure walked down from the stage.

She was wearing a shiny fishtail dress and had a head of big waves. When she brushed past Shi Qian, her body suddenly tilted.

Shi Qian leaned to the side. In order to make way for her, she almost walked to the edge.

Suddenly, this woman bumped into her!

Her body tilted and she was about to fall off the stage!

She quickly took a step out and stabilized herself. She held this person with one hand and forcefully stabilized herself.

The woman looked up and scolded Shi Qian, “Don’t you have eyes when you walk? I’ve already finished filming. It’s almost your turn. Why are you in a hurry?”

The surrounding people immediately looked in Shi Qian’s direction.

Shi Qian immediately let go and took a step forward.

The woman fell forward uncontrollably and lay there in a sorry state.

This scene shocked everyone.

“The steps on the stage are two meters wide, and I’m only occupying less than 50 centimeters. Is it because I don’t have eyes, or is there something wrong with your eyes? You fell yourself and almost knocked me down. I was kind enough to help you, but you wanted to push me?” Shi Qian immediately retorted.

Everyone saw it too.

As expected, Shi Qian was standing at the side of the stairs. Logically speaking, it was only normal for her to occupy one side and leave enough space for the other party.

The woman got up from the ground and looked at Shi Qian angrily.

After saying that, she did not want to argue with her and walked towards the stage.

The woman turned to look at Shi Qian and clapped her hands hard.

Her palm had almost broken from the fall just now!

Why hadn’t she knocked Shi Qian down just now?!

If Shi Qian was injured, she wouldn’t be able to participate in this show anymore!

Xiao Yan glanced at this woman and immediately turned on her phone to look for her information.

Jin Enshu was an artiste under Hua Le Entertainment. She had once been a member of the KM girl group as a trainee overseas for a few years. After signing with Hua Le, she announced that she was going solo.

Her fans had given her the title of the Little Empress of Sweet Songs.

She had more than ten million fans on social media.