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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 450 - 450 Look at How Capable He Is

450 Look at How Capable He Is

Su Ruoqing stood in front of the window and looked at the two figures downstairs. A trace of resentment flashed across her eyes!

“Miss Su, are you going through the discharge procedures?” The nurse walked in and asked.



“Do you want to stay for another day to observe the situation before being discharged?”

“No need. Help me with the discharge procedures immediately,” Su Ruoqing insisted, no longer looking as weak as before.

Fu Sinian had already been here. What was the point of her still staying here?

From the moment she posted on her Moments to her suicide, this game had just begun.

Wasn’t there a saying that went, “Constant dripping wears away a stone?”

She did not believe that Fu Sinian’s heart was harder than a rock!

… .

Shi Qian and Fu Sinian returned to the Fu family’s old residence.

The old master sat in the living room with a dark expression.

“It’s not easy for you to have a weekend to accompany me. Where did you abduct Qian Qian to?”

“Grandpa, we went out to do something.” Shi Qian walked up to the old master and answered the question for Fu Sinian.

She did not dare to mention Su Ruoqing, afraid that the old master would be angry again.

“Are you done? It’s time to accompany me now, right? It’ll cool down soon. Let’s go take a look at my small vegetable garden, okay?”

“Okay!” Shi Qian nodded.

Fu Sinian did not follow her and returned to the study.

When he arrived at the study, he called Jiang Feng.

“Help me check the surveillance cameras in the garage of the Junyu Club.”


Fu Sinian still wanted to investigate.

He didn’t like being set up. That was his bottom line.

… .

Shi Qian and the old master went to the vegetable garden and harvested a full basket of vegetables.

The dinner table at night was filled with the harvest of the old master’s self-sufficient gardening.

Moreover, it was personally cooked by Shi Qian.

Fu Sinian’s appetite was so good that it shocked Old Master and Wen Lan.

He was so picky in the past!

Shi Qian accompanied the old master for a walk. When she returned, he asked her to pay chesss.

The grandfather and granddaughter were happy.

Fu Sinian looked at the time. It was already eight o’clock.

He walked up to Shi Qian and moved a chess piece.

When the old master saw that a large portion of his pirces were blocked, he glared at Fu Sinian angrily.

“A true gentleman doesn’t speak when watching chess. Do you understand?”

“I didn’t say anything,” Fu Sinian retorted.

Shi Qian was speechless.

Did Fu Sinian really have to make her grandfather angry?

“You’re even more despicable. You didn’t say anything, but you helped her! It makes you look bad!”

“It’s getting late. You can sleep now.”

“You can sleep if you want! Why are you disturbing us from playing chess?” With that, the old master turned to look at the clock on the wall.

It didn’t matter when he looked, but when he saw that it was only eight o’clock, he immediately knocked Fu Sinian with the walking stick in his hand.

Fu Sinian did not dodge and took the blow.

On the other hand, Shi Qian was shocked.

“Old Master, are you going to admit defeat?” Fu Sinian asked as he looked at the chessboard.

“Why should I admit defeat!” The old master picked up a chess piece and hesitated for a long time before placing it down.

Fu Sinian casually threw another chess piece, and the old master was immediately furious.

“Get lost! I’m not playing with you. Who asked you to play!” The old master threw the piece that Fu Sinian had put down at him.

“Then you can leave. We won’t disturb you anymore.” Fu Sinian picked Shi Qian up from the seat.

She was shocked.

“We’ll go to bed. You have to get up early tomorrow.” With that, Fu Sinian strode upstairs with Shi Qian in his arms.

“Fu Sinian, are you walking into the wrong room?” the old master shouted at him.

Fu Sinian didn’t even look back.

“Look at him!”