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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 448 - 448 Su Ruoqing Committed Suicide

448 Su Ruoqing Committed Suicide

“So, I hope you can come with me,” Fu Sinian said again.

When Shi Qian sat in the car, she still hadn’t figured out why she had agreed to meet Su Ruoqing with Fu Sinian.


Everything Su Ruoqing had done was to get Fu Sinian.

What right did she have to accompany Fu Sinian?

Did she really care about the truth?

Why did she feel so uncomfortable seeing Fu Sinian and Su Ruoqing so intimate?

These questions flustered her.

Not long after driving out of the Fu family’s old residence, Fu Sinian called Su Ruoqing.

The phone rang for a long time before someone picked it up.

“Hello, are you looking for Miss Su?” An unfamiliar voice came from the phone.

“Yes.” Fu Sinian nodded.

“Miss Su has just taken her medicine and fallen asleep.”

Shi Qian turned to look at Fu Sinian. Listening to the person on the phone, was Su Ruoqing sick?

“What happened to her?” Fu Sinian asked.

“Miss Su committed suicide after taking the medicine. It wasn’t easy to save her life when she was sent to the hospital. She’s still in the hospital and doesn’t have any relatives. I’m a nurse in the hospital. May I ask if you’re her family?”


Shi Qian’s expression tightened.

Su Ruoqing committed suicide?

“Which hospital is she in?” Fu Sinian asked in a low voice.

“In the VIP ward on the ninth floor of the Inpatient Department of Hua Li Hospital.”

Fu Sinian hung up and turned around.

“Could it be that we’ve misunderstood her?” Shi Qian asked Fu Sinian.

“Go over and take a look at the situation first.” Fu Sinian held Shi Qian’s hand. “If you don’t want to go, I’ll send you back first.”

“No, I’ll go with you.”

Amusement flashed in Fu Sinian’s eyes, and he nodded. “Okay, we’ll do it together.”

When they arrived at the hospital, Fu Sinian and Shi Qian walked into Su Ruoqing’s ward one after another.

Su Ruoqing lay on the bed, her face pale. She had yet to wake up, and there was only the rhythmic sound of the equipment in the room.

Shi Qian often went to the hospital. When she saw this scene, she felt a little sad.

Could Su Ruoqing really love Fu Sinian so much that she did not even care about her own life?

“Hello, are you Miss Su’s family member?” A doctor walked in and asked Fu Sinian.


“Then what’s your relationship with Miss Su?” the doctor asked again.


“The housekeeping staff she hired found out that she had committed suicide and sent her to the hospital. After she was sent over, we resuscitated her. She’s not in a good state now and still has to be hospitalized for observation. Can you contact her family?” the doctor asked again.

“Her family is abroad.”

“Then she can only stay in the hospital until she recovers completely.” The doctor had no choice.

Fu Sinian walked to the bed. Su Ruoqing’s eyes were tightly closed, and her brows were still tightly furrowed.

“Sinian… Sinian…”

A voice came from her lips.

Shi Qian heard it from a few steps away.

Su Ruoqing suddenly opened her eyes. When she saw the figure standing by the bed, a hint of surprise appeared in her eyes. She immediately reached out to hold Fu Sinian’s hand.

“Sinian, is that you? Am I dreaming?”

“Am I still alive? Am I hallucinating?”

Su Ruoqing closed her eyes and opened them again.

Fu Sinian was still standing in front of her. She immediately sat up and threw herself into his arms.

Fu Sinian did not expect her to suddenly wake up. He held Su Ruoqing’s arm and pushed her out of his arms.

Su Ruoqing’s face was already covered in tears.