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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 443 - 443 More Than a Hug

443 More Than a Hug

This scene made her heart ache!

Fu Sinian said that he had only hugged her for a moment.


However, in this photo, it was more than just a hug!

Even if Fu Sinian hadn’t had sex with Su Ruoqing, the two of them had been as intimate as she had seen that night.

Su Ruoqing liked Fu Sinian very much.

What about Fu Sinian?

He could gently pick up food for Su Ruoqing and teach her how to make wraps. He could also save her late at night and let her throw herself into his arms. It was impossible for him to be indifferent to her.

Besides, Su Ruoqing was also a beauty. Could Fu Sinian really be indifferent?

The more she thought about it, the more uncomfortable she felt.

She immediately suppressed her thoughts and turned off her phone.

If Fu Sinian and Su Ruoqing were really together, wouldn’t it be easier for her to gain freedom?!

She should be happy!

After sorting out her emotions, she spoke slowly.

“Grandfather, Young Master Fu and Su Ruoqing have known each other for so many years. If Su Ruoqing is in trouble, he can’t just sit back and do nothing, right? Su Ruoqing was agitated that night, and only Young Master Fu was by her side. It’s only human nature for her to find someone to rely on.”

Just as the old master was about to retort, he suddenly saw the red mark on Shi Qian’s neck and swallowed all his words.

Did this kid really succeed?

He couldn’t probe further into today’s matter. It wasn’t easy for the two of them to make progress and he should not cause any more conflict because of this matter.

“Fu Sinian, if you dare to do anything to let Qian Qian down, I won’t let you off!”

“No, no,” Shi Qian said like a peacemaker, then went to help Fu Sinian up.

“Ow!” Fu Sinian let out a cry of pain.

Shi Qian quickly let go.

The old master turned around and picked up the medicine on the table, handing it to Shi Qian. “It’s to reduce the swelling and pain.”

With that, he walked out.

Her Shi Qian gaze landed on Fu Sinian again.

From her angle, Fu Sinian was kneeling upright, his knees together, his legs slightly spread. His white shirt looked a little tight. Even kneeling here, he did not look sorry at all. Instead, he had another kind of charm that could not be hidden.

No wonder Su Ruoqing liked him so much.

At the thought of Su Ruoqing, Shi Qian felt a little stifled!

Why did she feel this way?

Fu Sinian must have lied to her. She felt that she had been deceived. Those photos were not as simple as a hug!

Fu Sinian slowly raised his head and looked at Shi Qian.

He realized that his forehead was covered in a layer of sweat. It seemed that it was really painful.

“Qian Qian, help me up.”

“Won’t it hurt if I pull you like this?”

“It doesn’t hurt.” Fu Sinian gritted his teeth and held her light hand, using her strength to stand up.

Looking at his expression, she felt sad.

“I’m glad you came.”

“I-I suddenly remembered that I wasn’t holding my phone and happened to notice that you were being beaten. I was afraid that you would anger Grandfather!”

“Aren’t you afraid that I’ll be beaten?”

“Isn’t it normal for you to be beaten?” Shi Qian asked.

Fu Sinian was speechless.

“Help me back to my room. My shoulder hurts.”

Shi Qian felt her body sink, and Fu Sinian was almost on top of her.

“Grandpa didn’t hit your leg. Why can’t you stand steadily?” She felt that he was more or less pretending.

“I’ve been kneeling for too long. I’m numb.”

Shi Qian could only help him to the bedroom upstairs.

When they passed by the living room, Old Master and Wen Lan were sitting in the living room.

Fu Sinian deliberately leaned on Shi Qian again.

Shi Qian blushed and wanted to drag Fu Sinian away quickly, but Fu Sinian was really too heavy. Not only was she unable to move quickly, but she also had to follow his slow footsteps.