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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 441 - 441 Don't You Know How to Keep Yourself Clean? Don't You Know Male Virtue?

441 Don’t You Know How to Keep Yourself Clean? Don’t You Know Male Virtue?

Fu Sinian immediately had a bad feeling. He held Shi Qian’s hand. “Let’s go see Grandpa.”

“Yes.” Shi Qian nodded.


Jin An also had his own selfish motives and did not stop them.

If Young Madam went with him, Young Master Fu might be able to avoid this beating.

As soon as Shi Qian and Fu Sinian walked into the house, Wen Lan called out to them.

“Qian Qian.”

“Auntie!” Shi Qian called out excitedly. “You’re here today too?”

“Yes, come, come to Auntie. Let’s go and see if the grapes in the backyard are ripe.” Wen Lan walked towards Shi Qian.

Jin An was panicking. It’s over, it’s over! Young Master Fu won’t be able to escape this beating!

“Auntie, wait for me. I’ll greet Grandfather first.”

“Grandfather and Sinian have something to talk about. Let’s go to the backyard first.” Wen Lan held Shi Qian’s hand and did not let her see the old master.

She felt that the atmosphere was a little strange.

“Let’s go,” Wen Lan urged again.

“Ok,” Shi Qian nodded.

When walking out, Shi Qian noticed that Jin An was shaking his head at her with a bitter face, as if hinting something to her

However, Wen Lan kept pulling her along, so she could only follow her to the backyard.

Jin An was anxious. He had an idea and went to get a basket.

“Young Madam, bring a basket! If there are ripe ones, it’ll be easier to pick a few bundles.”

Wen Lan let go of Shi Qian’s hand and asked her to get the basket.

She walked towards Jin An.

“Young Madam, I’m afraid Old Master is going to beat Young Master Fu to death,” Jin An said in a voice that only the two of them could hear.

“Qian Qian, let’s go.” Wen Lan turned around and glared at Jin An.

Jin An immediately shut up.

Shi Qian was a little stunned.

Fu Sinian was going to be beaten?

Why? How had he made her grandfather angry again? It seemed serious.

So, was Auntie deliberately sending her away?

She didn’t care about Fu Sinian. It would be best if her grandfather beat him until he couldn’t get out of bed! He couldn’t torture her for a few months!

Fu Sinian walked into the study and saw the old master sitting there with a dark expression.

He had thought that it was because he had made the old master unhappy after hanging up and wanted to take it out on him. When he saw the ruler on the table, he immediately felt that things were not that simple.

“Kneel!” the old master shouted angrily.

Fu Sinian knelt down directly.

“Fu Sinian, I won’t hesitate to hit you. See for yourself why I am using the family law to deal with you. I’ll give you a chance to explain!”

The old master handed the phone to Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian’s gaze darkened.

“You keep saying that you like Qian Qian, but you’re still entangled with that woman, Su Ruoqing! How are you going to explain these photos?”

“Where did these pictures come from?”

“Su Ruoqing posted it on her Moments! Fu Sinian, oh Fu Sinian, is she going to unilaterally publicize your relationship with her? Ah!”

Fu Sinian said nothing.

Old Master pulled out his ruler!

Fu Sinian endured it.

Jin An trembled when he heard the sounds coming from the house.

It was really a beating!

“Why aren’t you saying anything? Are you tacitly agreeing?” the old master roared angrily.

“The photo was of Su Ruoqing and me, but it wasn’t like what the photo showed. She was pestered by Chu Xian, and I went to help. She was emotional at that time…”

“What’s her relationship with you? Did you rush over after she was scared?” The old master interrupted Fu Sinian and questioned angrily.

“Fu Sinian, it’s already 2022! Do you know what it means to be clean and honest?! Do you know what it means to be a man?”

“As a man, you have to be loyal to your lover. You won’t be involved with any indecent women outside! Why is Su Ruoqing asking for your help? She’s keeping an eye on you. She’s up to no good!” the old master said angrily.