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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 437 - 437 Big Boss Fu Successfully Received a Beating

437 Big Boss Fu Successfully Received a Beating

When Madam Fu heard this, she was so angry that her breathing became a little heavy.

Madam Lin was still talking.


“The Chu family is at a critical juncture now and they are afraid that they will be affected. However, with Chu Xian’s personality, he won’t just let it go. This matter has only been suppressed for the time being. There will still be a commotion in the future. If it blows up, I’m afraid your old master won’t be able to shake the Chu family. Back then, Old Master Chu was still your old master’s subordinate. Things are different now.”

Madam Fu was not worried about the Chu family at all!

As long as Sinian did the right thing, she and Old Master would definitely support him to the end.

She wanted to see if the Chu family dared to fall out with them.

However, Fu Sinian had actually beaten up Chu Xian for Su Ruoqing!

She did not believe that Fu Sinian and Su Ruoqing really had an ambiguous relationship. There must be a misunderstanding.

However, she was so angry that there was no way to explain it!

Did Qian Qian know about this?

Madam Fu took a few deep breaths before calming down. She smiled appropriately and picked up the bird’s nest beside her.

“Su Ruoqing has really put in a lot of effort to enter my Fu family, but it’s destined to be in vain.”

Madam Lin did not dare to say anything else. The others immediately changed the topic.

After finishing her bird’s nest, Madam Fu stood up and left.

Naturally, these people did not dare to mention it in front of her anymore. She wondered what they would discuss behind her back.

Sitting in the car, Mrs. Fu called Old Master.

“Dad, it’s the weekend tomorrow. Did you contact Qian Qian to come back for dinner?”

“Qian Qian called me and said that she was coming back to accompany me tomorrow,” the old master said happily.

“Is Sinian coming back?” Madam Fu asked again.

“Yes, that kid is sticking to Qian Qian like candy. How can he not come back?”

“Okay, I’ll go over tomorrow too.”

When the old master realized that the voice on the other end of the phone was a little serious, he quickly asked, “What’s wrong? Wen Lan, you sound a little off. Did something happen?”

“Dad, I’m afraid this will anger you, but you still have to be mentally prepared to use the family law.”

“Is it about Sinian?”

“Yes.” Wen Lan gritted her teeth and nodded.

“You scared me to death. I thought something had happened to Qian Qian. If it’s Sinian, he’ll be fine. Don’t worry, I can hit him.”

After hanging up, the old master was confused.

What had Fu Sinian done again to make his mother so angry?!

“Old Master, are you really willing to hit Young Master Fu?” Jin An asked carefully.

“Look at how angry Wen Lan is! You have to act according to the situation tomorrow! You still have to stop her when you should!”

“Understood, understood.” Jin An nodded repeatedly.

… .

At 11.40pm, Shi Qian put down her earphones and finished her day’s work.

After sitting for so long, she felt a slight pain in her shoulder and had finished her water glass.

Suddenly, the door to the studio opened and Fu Sinian walked in with a glass of warm water.

“Thank you.” Shi Qian thanked her gently. She picked up her glass and took a few sips, immediately feeling much better.

“You’ve been waiting until now?” She realized that other than one staff member, Xiao Yan and the others had all returned.

“Yes, are you going to give me some rewards?” Fu Sinian asked with a smile.

Shi Qian’s heart refused. The reward Fu Sinian wanted could take half her life. She looked at Fu Sinian and hesitated.

She wanted Fu Sinian to let her off for the night.

She really couldn’t take it anymore after a busy day.

She felt that Fu Sinian definitely wouldn’t let her.

“Are you tired?”