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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 436 - 436 Su Ruoqing Causes Trouble Again

436 Su Ruoqing Causes Trouble Again

“It’s not Sinian,” Madam Fu replied calmly, taking out a card. “I won.”

“You’re so lucky today!”


“When has Madam Fu’s luck been bad during cards?”

“After playing for so long, let’s rest for a while. The bird’s nest I asked someone to cook should be ready.” This time, Madam Lin stood up. “Let’s eat first and talk while eating.”

“Okay.” The few of them also got up and walked towards the room behind the screen.

“Madam Fu, if it wasn’t Sinian, who else would make you worry so much? You even did something like matchmaking.” Madam Lin looked curious.

“It’s the third son of the Rong family,” Madam Fu said slowly.

“Doesn’t the Rong family care anymore? They’ve entrusted this child to you. Why aren’t you thinking for your son? Sinian isn’t young anymore. I don’t think you’re in a hurry to find a match for him.”

Madam Fu only smiled and did not respond.

“Last time, I heard that you embarrassed Su Ruoqing in public. Does your Sinian have that kind of relationship with her?”

“No.” Madam Fu rejected immediately. “My Sinian already has someone in mind.”

“Really? Why isn’t there any progress at all?”

“It’s not time to announce it yet. Don’t ask around curiously. When the time comes, I’ll naturally let her meet you.”

Madam Lin looked at Madam Fu and hesitated. In the end, she couldn’t help but say.

“Madam Fu, I’ve heard some rumors recently.”

“What rumors?” Madam Fu’s intuition told her that this matter had something to do with Su Ruoqing again.

Su Ruoqing was very smart. She had mixed into the noble circles in the capital. In addition, she had invested everywhere in the country as the adopted daughter of a foreign noble, causing many people to fight to curry favor with her.

Everyone in the noble circle in the capital thought that Su Ruoqing and her family were not ordinary.

Although she had embarrassed Su Ruoqing in public, it was impossible for her to explain it to everyone.

Su Ruoqing was indeed a psychologist. She was good at playing tricks.

Madam Lin did not say anything. Instead, she took out her phone and opened her photo album.

Madam Fu took her phone and immediately saw that the man holding Su Ruoqing was her son, Fu Sinian.

The two of them were in the garage. Su Ruoqing’s face could be seen clearly, but not Fu Sinian’s. How many people could be seen in this state?

“There’s more,” Madam Lin reminded softly.

Madam Fu suppressed her anger and scrolled down to see the few photos in the car.

The car also belonged to Fu Sinian. The two of them hugged each other and looked as ambiguous as possible.

“Where did you get these pictures?”

“It’s from Su Ruoqing’s friend circle.”

“Open her Moments and show me.”

Madam Lin immediately opened Su Ruoqing’s Moments.

The most recent post was those few photos. Madam Fu didn’t know how many people Su Ruoqing had added on WeChat, how many people had seen this Moments, and how many misunderstandings had arisen.

No! This wasn’t a misunderstanding!

Fu Sinian, that bastard!

He better give her a reasonable explanation!

“Madam Fu, there’s one more thing. Don’t be angry when I tell you.”

“What is it?” Madam Fu’s head hurt a little. Could it be related to Su Ruoqing?

“Sinian even had a conflict with the Chu family because of Su Ruoqing. That kid, Chu Xian, was beaten up by Sinian. Do you know how that good-for-nothing son of the Chu family? He was raised to carry on the family line! He’s simply lawless! However, the Chu family only has one child. Old Master Chu treasures him very much.”