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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 434 - 434 Big Boss Fu's Status Is a Little Low

434 Big Boss Fu’s Status Is a Little Low

“Sister Yan, I think it’s better not to take on advertisements and endorsements for the time being. I don’t have any outstanding works yet. Instead of doing my job well, I’ll really become an internet celebrity,” Shi Qian said.

This thought was the same as Xiao Yan’s.


“Okay.” Xiao Yan smiled and nodded.

As soon as Shi Qian arrived at the recording studio, she started recording.

Xiao Yan looked at Shi Qian through the glass window, her eyes filled with admiration.

In the beginning, when she only interacted with her for a short period of time, she did not think much of her. However, out of consideration for Fu Sinian, she could not refuse.

She knew about Shi Qian’s relationship with the Fu family. When Shi Qian rejected her, she was also thinking about how to end this cooperation without hurting Madam Fu’s face.

Through this period of interaction, she realized that she liked Shi Qian more and more.

She was good-looking and capable. The key was that she was neither arrogant nor rash. She was very career-minded! When it came to work, she was also a hardworking woman.

This was the girl she admired the most among all the girls she had managed.

… .

Shi Qian’s sudden popularity made Su Ruoqing furious.

If it weren’t for Fu Sinian, Shi Qian would have been suppressed to death long ago! How could this have happened!

Now, she was signed to an entertainment company under Fu Sinian’s name, and she had Xiao Yan by her side. It was only a matter of time before she became famous.

Su Ruoqing flipped through her phone and looked at the photo of her and Fu Sinian that she had secretly taken.

She slowly closed her eyes and thought about how she felt in Fu Sinian’s arms.

Even though it was only for a few seconds, it was unforgettable.

Fu Sinian had once considered marrying her. That embrace should have belonged to her!

Viciousness flashed across her eyes.

She had known since she was young that she had to do everything she wanted!

This matter was not over yet!

… .

After work, Fu Sinian went to the place where Shi Qian’s recording was made.

As soon as Xiao Yan saw him, she immediately stood up. “President Fu.”

A few staff members were eating lunch around the table, but they did not see Shi Qian.

“Where’s Qian Qian?” he asked Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan glanced at the recording room.

Fu Sinian followed her gaze.

Shi Qian was still recording. As she was an anime character, she often had to make some expressions when she spoke her lines to make her voice more charming.

At this moment, Shi Qian happened to record her coquettish lines.

Fu Sinian watched silently.

Shi Qian seemed to have never shown him such an expression before.

“President Fu, do you want to rest at the side for a while first? Qian Qian has just entered,” Xiao Yan reminded.

Fu Sinian turned and walked to the rest area. Xiao Yan poured a glass of water.

“President Fu, please have some water.”

“Miss Xiao, is your schedule too busy for her?”

“I think President Fu should communicate with Qian Qian about this.” Xiao Yan threw the question out.

Fu Sinian’s heart sank.

She was extremely determined about her work! There was no way to communicate with her at all.

Shi Qian had already worked for three consecutive nights until past eleven. There was nothing he could do.

“When will it end today?”

“It might be twelve.”

“Can her throat take it if she keeps talking like this?” Fu Sinian sounded faintly angry.

She was tired from talking at work, so she did not want to say a word to him when she returned!

“Has she eaten?” Fu Sinian asked again.

“She ate porridge.”

Fu Sinian was even angrier.

Xiao Yan wanted to laugh when she saw President Fu like this.

A domineering CEO on television would rush into the recording room and leave with his disobedient little wife.

In reality, he was a domineering CEO.

What time did she get off work?

Had she eaten?

His status was a little low.