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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 431 - 431 Is Big Boss Fu That Pure?

431 Is Big Boss Fu That Pure?

His voice was like a bass cannon, filled with bewitching magnetism. At times, she was very sensitive to sound. Fu Sinian’s voice happened to be the kind she couldn’t resist.

Fu Sinian hugged her in satisfaction. She was as warm and soft as jade. His longing for her over the past few days was like a wave, surging in his heart.


He pressed his cheek against hers and kissed her lightly.

In a moment of panic, his kiss moved slowly to her neck and finally landed on her lips.

She immediately reached out to push Fu Sinian, but he held her wrist tightly.

The disparity in strength forced her to let him do as he pleased.

Fu Sinian used all his gentleness in this kiss.

Gradually, her Shi Qian body stopped tightening and she leaned against his arms softly. Even she did not realize that her body had already accepted Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian, who had tasted a little pre-dinner dessert, was already a little satisfied.

He hugged her as she sat in his arms, holding her soft and boneless little hand.

“Qian Qian, the first time I did it was with you. Don’t you feel anything?”

Shi Qian’s face turned even redder.

“If I could have sex with Su Ruoqing, she would have already been my girlfriend or even my wife before I fainted. In your eyes, am I such a casual person? How can I have sex with anyone casually? Huh?”

Shi Qian was stumped by his question.

Was Fu Sinian as pure as he said?

Why didn’t she feel anything!

Seeing that Shi Qian was still silent, Fu Sinian explained patiently, “That night, when I arrived, Su Ruoqing was blocked by Chu Xian in the washroom. Su Ruoqing’s clothes had already been taken off by Chu Xian, and she was naked.”

“Any woman in this situation might be scared. It’s also possible that she was wearing my clothes and conveniently put something in my pocket. She might not even remember.”

Although Shi Qian did not say anything, her thoughts were surging.

She didn’t quite understand why her heart trusted Fu Sinian.

Could it be that she was in the same mood as when she was watching a drama? Even if it was a villain, as long as he was good-looking, her worldview was distorted because of his facial features?

Fu Sinian was much better-looking than those movie stars!

“Why aren’t you saying anything? Are you still angry?” Fu Sinian asked with a smile.

“Why… why would I be angry? I’m not angry,” Shi Qian immediately retorted.

Unexpectedly, Fu Sinian’s smile deepened. His burning gaze kept staring at her, making her panic.

Her eyes darted around, not wanting to meet his gaze.

“Qian Qian, I thought that I could endure it until night time. I didn’t expect my self-control to collapse in front of you.”

His kiss was followed by his voice.

Her eyes, lips, and cheeks were filled with his hot breath.

“No!” Shi Qian immediately stopped him, her heart almost jumping out of her chest!

Seeing that Fu Sinian had no intention of stopping, she quickly said, “We’re almost at your place.”

Fu Sinian buried his head in her neck, as if he hadn’t heard her at all.

“Wait! Fu Sinian!” Shi Qian cupped his cheek. “I’ll get something for you.”

“What is it? Show it to me when we get back.” Fu Sinian was completely uninterested.

“Yes.” With that, Shi Qian picked up her bag and took out a square box from it.

Fu Sinian’s face froze.

When Shi Qian took out this thing, she was also extremely embarrassed.

She had to protect herself.