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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 429 - 429 Don't Force Me to Kiss You on the Street

429 Don’t Force Me to Kiss You on the Street

Shi Qian was speechless.

“Don’t you know who you’ve slept with?”


“I don’t know anyone else but you!”

Shi Qian choked and her face turned red. She walked around Fu Sinian and walked forward.

Fu Sinian chased after her in two steps and held her wrist.

“Let go of me!” Shi Qian shook off Fu Sinian’s hand forcefully.

Fu Sinian stepped forward again and pressed her shoulder.

“Don’t make me kiss you on the street.”

Her arrogance immediately weakened.

“Get in the car with me and explain.” Fu Sinian pulled her in the direction of the car.

Shi Qian did not dare to resist and sat obediently in the car.

“Go back to my place,” Fu Sinian instructed Chen Song.

“Okay, President Fu,” Chen Song replied and immediately raised the partition.

Fu Sinian turned to look at Shi Qian. He had been so angry just now, but a thought suddenly flashed across his mind, and the anger in his heart dissipated.

No matter who she thought he was sleeping with, her reaction after seeing him just now was because of this matter.

So, could he take it that she was jealous?

She cared that he had slept with someone else!

Fu Sinian couldn’t help but laugh.

When Shi Qian heard his laughter, she glared at him.

Fu Sinian’s laughter grew louder, as if he were very happy, and his shoulders trembled with laughter.

Suddenly, her wrist tightened and she was pulled into Fu Sinian’s arms.

He hugged her so hard that she had no chance to struggle.

His lips moved to her ear. “Qian Qian, tell me who exactly I slept with.” This voice was so ambiguous that it could be heard.

She couldn’t help but tremble slightly.

Did he think that she did not know?!

“Where did you go for so long after you sent me the message?” Shi Qian’s tone was interrogative.

“I received a call from Su Ruoqing and went to Junyu Club. She was in some trouble. I went to settle it and looked for you after I was done.”

Shi Qian struggled out of Fu Sinian’s arms and looked into his eyes.

“Is that all? Did you not have any intimate contact with her after you were done?”

“Tell me, what’s considered intimate contact?” Fu Sinian couldn’t help but raise his hand and touch Shi Qian’s cheek.

Why did he like her current appearance so much?

She was clearly like a tigress, but she was extremely cute.

In particular, he felt refreshed by her tone when she questioned him.

Shi Qian slapped Fu Sinian’s hand away.

Fu Sinian raised his hand again and hugged her back. He couldn’t help but pounce on her.

He lowered his head and gently pecked her lips.

“Do you mean such close contact?” he asked with a smile.

Shi Qian was furious!

At this time, he was still teasing her!

She tugged at Fu Sinian’s shirt. “Does the lipstick mark on this count?”

Your suit smelled of Su Ruoqing’s perfume. Does that count?”


Shi Qian really couldn’t say it.

“What else?” Fu Sinian asked.

Shi Qian turned around, ignoring him.

Fu Sinian thought about the situation that night. “Qian Qian, Su Ruoqing’s clothes were torn by Chu Xian, so I took off my suit to cover her. At that time, she was frightened and humiliated by Chu Xian. She hugged me for a few seconds to calm down. Perhaps her lipstick was stained at that time.”

He explained patiently, his tone sounding more like he was coaxing her.

Shi Qian turned around and looked at him. “Her personal belongings were in your suit pocket,” she said calmly.