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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 423 - 423 3am, Big Boss Fu Is Crazy

423 3am, Big Boss Fu Is Crazy

Shi Qian faced Fu Sinian’s chest.

He smelled of the shower gel she liked.


She immediately recalled the scene just now and waved Fu Sinian’s hand away.

He could get up from another woman and come to look for her, but she couldn’t face it calmly.

Fu Sinian realized that there was something wrong with her expression. She seemed angry.

“Does your stomach feel better?” he asked gently.

“Much better,” Shi Qian replied distractedly.

“Qian Qian, I know it’s late and it’ll delay your rest. I still wanted to see you.”

Shi Qian had been avoiding Fu Sinian’s gaze. Hearing this, she looked up at him.

Not only was there a hint of affection in his voice, but also in his eyes.

She couldn’t help but smile and shake her head.

Indeed, all men were the same.

All that came out of her mouth was deep affection. Then, he could do it with every woman!

Fu Sinian frowned slightly. He couldn’t interpret what emotions were contained in this faint smile, but he could see a hint of mockery.

This woman had such ability.

It could change his mood in a second.

His feelings were so cheap in front of her.

“Are you staying here tonight?” Shi Qian confirmed again.

“It’s already so late. Do you still want me to leave?” Fu Sinian did not answer and threw the question over.

“I mean, if you had a better place to go…”

Fu Sinian suddenly pressed her against the wall and pinched her chin, holding back all his words.

Without a word, he suddenly lowered his head and sealed her lips with his.

The sudden suffocation made her open her mouth reflexively to breathe. She did not even breathe a trace of fresh air. All she could smell was his breath.

She had never been able to withstand his dominance, nor could she escape.

Suddenly, she remembered the underwear. There were obvious traces of it having been worn before, as if it had just been taken off by some woman and was still in his pocket!

In fact, Fu Sinian and that woman were in the car…

How disgusting!

Shi Qian pushed Fu Sinian away forcefully and raised the back of her hand to rub her lips repeatedly.

Fu Sinian watched her actions and his eyebrows tightened inch by inch!

His pride had been severely insulted!

This was no longer a sign of disdain, but disgust. Strong disgust.

She rubbed her lips until they hurt. Under Fu Sinian’s cold gaze, she turned and walked towards the room.

Fu Sinian walked into the room. Shi Qian was brushing her teeth.

Just now, he had clearly tasted the faint fragrance of mint.

This must be the second time tonight that she had brushed her teeth.

Fu Sinian turned around and walked out!

Hearing the heavy door close, Shi Qian walked out of the bedroom. Fu Sinian was no longer in the room.

She immediately felt powerless. She turned around and returned to her room to throw herself on the bed.

She felt very uncomfortable. The tip of her nose ached, and her eyes were filled with tears!

How could there be a hateful man like Fu Sinian in the world!

… .

At three in the morning, Rong Qi, who was sleeping soundly, was picked up by Fu Sinian from the bed.

He sat in her living room with a dumbfounded expression and watched as Fu Sinian took out five bottles of wine from his wine cabinet and poured them into his mouth without saying a word.

He hugged his knees and watched silently as Fu Sinian went crazy.

He admired someone who could force Fu Sinian into such a state!

“Young Master Fu, where did you come from so late at night? Were you chased out of the house by Qian Qian?” Rong Qi asked tentatively.