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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 419 - 419 Wife Waiting for Her Husband to Return Late

419 Wife Waiting for Her Husband to Return Late

Fu Sinian was still listening quietly, as if what Su Ruoqing had said had nothing to do with him and was talking about someone else.

Su Ruoqing knew that it was all wishful thinking on her part.


When she asked him out, she always used the excuse of treating him.

“Sinian, before your accident, we even went to the beach for a vacation. At that time, I even pulled you to take many photos. I even set one of my photos as the background of your phone and computer. Do you still have those photos?”

Su Ruoqing looked at Fu Sinian hopefully.

“Deleted,” Fu Sinian replied calmly.

Su Ruoqing’s heart immediately turned cold.

If it weren’t for Fu Sinian’s accident and Shi Qian’s sudden appearance, she and Fu Sinian would definitely have gotten together!

She had worked hard for five years. How could she let go of a man she admired?

The car stopped and Fu Sinian looked at the high-end apartment in front of him.

“We’re here.”

“I don’t want to go back alone.” Su Ruoqing was still acting spoiled. She hugged Fu Sinian’s arm again, her eyes filled with tears.

Fu Sinian looked at Su Ruoqing. “Go back. You don’t have to do the investment in the country yourself. Isn’t your dream to open a psychological counseling clinic? This profession isn’t very popular in the country.”

Only then did Su Ruoqing understand that Fu Sinian was asking her to return to the country!

“Sinian, I can’t go back just because I want to. My adoptive father doesn’t want me to be a psychiatrist. He wants to train me to be as capitalist as him, and the domestic market is a test for me.” Su Ruoqing couldn’t help but say.

Suddenly, Fu Sinian’s phone screen lit up.

Su Ruoqing took a look, and Fu Sinian immediately picked up his phone.

It was a message from Shi Qian.

[Are you really here? Is there a traffic jam? How long until you arrive?]

It took Shi Qian a lot of courage to send Fu Sinian a message.

After typing a few times, she deleted and re-edited it.

No matter what she typed, it felt like a wife asking why her husband was late.

Fu Sinian replied with a message to Shi Qian.

[Something happened on the way, so I’ll be arriving later. If you’re tired, rest first.]

Shi Qian sat in the living room and waited. She couldn’t help but yawn. When her phone screen lit up, she immediately turned it on.

Fu Sinian had said that something had happened on the way. Since it was already so late, he might as well not come.

[Young Master Fu, if it’s not convenient for you to come over, don’t come over tonight. It’s getting late. I still have to wake up early to go to school tomorrow. I’m really too sleepy.]

If Fu Sinian insisted on coming over, she would have to wait for him and open the door for him.

When Fu Sinian saw Shi Qian’s message, his heart sank.

She couldn’t wait for him not to go over!

Although Su Ruoqing couldn’t see what Fu Sinian was typing, according to her understanding of him, he never replied to messages!

If there was anything, it would be made clear by video or voice call.

“Is it a message from Shi Qian?” Su Ruoqing asked softly.

“Yes,” Fu Sinian replied with a nod.

“Sinian, do you know that I used to like you…” Su Ruoqing suddenly said. Without waiting for Fu Sinian to respond, she quickly added, “I still like you now. I can’t lie to myself.”

“I know that the person you like is Shi Qian. I’ve never expected to have your love. I said this today to say goodbye to this relationship of mine.”