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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 418 - 418 Su Ruoqing's Confession

418 Su Ruoqing’s Confession

“Sinian, I don’t want to live anymore. When I think of that scene, I… Ugh!” Su Ruoqing hugged Fu Sinian’s arm and turned her head to retch.

Fu Sinian did not say anything, giving Su Ruoqing some time to calm down.


From time to time, people walked past the garage and looked in their direction.

“Get in the car first. I’ll send you back.”

“Okay.” Su Ruoqing nodded like a pitiful kitten and hugged Fu Sinian’s arm tightly.

Fu Sinian opened the car door and let Su Ruoqing sit in the back.

“No, I want to sit in front. I don’t want to be alone.” Su Ruoqing immediately shook her head in resistance.

Fu Sinian closed the car door and pulled open the passenger door.

Only then did Su Ruoqing get into the car.

As soon as Fu Sinian sat down, before he could fasten his seatbelt, Su Ruoqing hugged his arm again.

“Sit tight. It’s not safe to drive like this,” Fu Sinian reminded her coldly.

Su Ruoqing could only let go of his arm.

Fu Sinian buckled his seatbelt and started the car.

… .

Shi Qian looked at the time. It had been an hour and a half since Fu Sinian had sent her the message.

Fu Sinian hadn’t arrived yet.

She didn’t know where Fu Sinian had come from, nor could she tell how long it would take him to come over.

The noodles were already cold. She got up and walked to the table to eat herself.

Coincidentally, she was a little hungry now.

After eating, she prepared to cook another bowl for Fu Sinian.

If she had known earlier that he wouldn’t have come over so quickly, she would still have time to cook pork ribs. She wouldn’t have really given him clear soup noodles.

Shi Qian went to the kitchen to prepare some more dishes.

There was a little soup in the pot, and she was prepared to cook it when Fu Sinian arrived.

… .

The car drove steadily on the road. At this time, there was not much traffic.

Fu Sinian glanced at his phone. Unknowingly, so much time had passed.

They were still a distance away from where Su Ruoqing lived.

“Sinian, can you talk to me for a while? I can’t help but think back to what happened just now.” After saying that, Su Ruoqing shook her head hard, as if she was in pain.

“I’ll play a song.”

“No, I don’t want to hear it! If you don’t want to talk to me, I can tell you, okay?” Su Ruoqing asked pitifully.

Fu Sinian did not respond, his gaze focused on the road ahead.

“Do you still remember the scene when we first met?”

Fu Sinian did not answer.

Su Ruoqing glanced at him and said, “Coincidentally, we walked into the same classroom and listened to the same class. Coincidentally, we sat in opposite seats. I’m really glad that I still have the stuffed toy bag I carried.”

The moment Su Ruoqing saw Fu Sinian, she was stunned by his appearance and aura.

After listening to the class, she realized that Fu Sinian was holding her fluffy handbag tightly. Her first thought was that this person might have a psychological illness or a fetish.

This also gave her a chance.

Without making a fuss, she quietly took notes until Fu Sinian came around.

She had also successfully obtained Fu Sinian’s contact and successfully approached him with her specialization to become his psychological consultant.

“I really miss the days we used to be together. We watched the dusk together, the sunset, the mountains and rivers, the blue sky and white clouds together. I’ll never forget those memories.”