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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 416 - 416 Big Loss

416 Big Loss

“Chu Xian? Are you sure it’s him?” Fu Sinian’s eyebrows tightened slightly.

“I’m sure. His name is Chu Xian. I can’t figure out his identity either. He’s pestering me now and… and has ulterior motives towards me. I realized that the people who came with me are all afraid of him. I really have no choice but to ask for your help.” Su Ruoqing sobbed again.


“Send me an address.”

“Okay.” Su Ruoqing hung up the phone, and a smug smile flashed across her eyes.

Fu Sinian turned around and got into the car. He picked up his phone and sent a message to Shi Qian. Then, he started the car and left.

Su Ruoqing did not dare to leave the washroom.

She knew the consequences of provoking Chu Xian.

Fu Sinian no longer wanted to see her. If she didn’t think of a way to meet him and interact with him, she would only completely lose!

That was why she had provoked Chu Xian, this second-generation heir.

No matter what, she and Fu Sinian had been friends for five years. It was impossible for Fu Sinian not to come and save her!

There were still people she had brought to support her. Chu Xian knew that she couldn’t escape, so he wouldn’t be in such a hurry to look for her.

She had all the time to hold on until Fu Sinian came to “rescue” her.

Chu Xian’s identity was a secret that could not be revealed.

He was a descendant of a powerful family and an illegitimate child. He had been doted on since he was young and had caused countless trouble.

As he was the only son of the Power Sect, someone had to take responsibility for all the big trouble.

Fu Sinian naturally knew Chu Xian, but they were not from the same world and had never interacted much.

He also knew that nothing good would come of Su Ruoqing falling into Chu Xian’s hands.

Su Ruoqing looked at her phone. Half an hour had passed, but Fu Sinian had yet to arrive.

She felt a little anxious.

“What are you looking at! Get out!” A fierce voice sounded.

Su Ruoqing’s heart tightened.

That Chu Xian had come in to look for her so quickly?

“Miss Su, why did you take so long to go to the washroom? I was so worried!”

Chu Xian’s voice sounded.

Su Ruoqing immediately felt nervous.

Chu Xian took a puff of his cigarette and flicked the ash into the hands of his lackeys, kicking them one by one.

After kicking a closed door, he stopped in his tracks.

“Miss Su, did you drink too much and fainted inside? Don’t worry, I’ll save you immediately.”

“Young Master Chu, my stomach isn’t feeling well! Just wait for me for a while,” Su Ruoqing said quickly.

“Your stomach isn’t feeling well? Then I’m even more worried.” Chu Xian waved his hand.

A bodyguard immediately stepped forward and kicked the door open.

Su Ruoqing was shocked and shrank into the corner.

Chu Xian strode in and flicked the cigarette away. He picked Su Ruoqing up and kissed her lips.

All the smoke in his mouth was transferred to Su Ruoqing’s mouth.

Su Ruoqing felt disgusted and pushed Chu Xian away.

“Young Master Chu, do you know about my relationship with Fu Sinian?”

“Fu Sinian? What’s your relationship with him?”

“My relationship with him is extraordinary. If you do anything overboard to me, he definitely won’t let you off!”

“What can he do to me? What can he dare to do to me? Miss Su, I’m much better than that disabled trash.”

After saying that, Chu Xian hugged Su Ruoqing and nibbled on her.

Su Ruoqing was stunned. She had heard that Chu Xian was worse than a beast, but she did not expect him to be even worse than the rumors.

She was wearing an off-shoulder dress, and Chu Xian took it off.

The humiliation of being exposed made Su Ruoqing really cry.