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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 415 - 415 Trapped by Big Boss Fu

415 Trapped by Big Boss Fu

The contract Shi Qian and Fu Sinian had signed was a million yuan a year. This price was not high, but it was not low either.

It was Shi Qian’s own offer.


During the contract period, she could still take out another 50% of the commission for any job she took on.

After recording for about three hours, Shi Qian sent all the recorded audio over. She got up and went to the balcony to exercise.

Fu Sinian had just ended the meeting and was looking at the messages on his phone.

There were so many audio recordings. She definitely started recording as soon as she returned.

He couldn’t help but open them. A faint voice slowly sounded. The moment he heard her voice, his eyebrows relaxed.

Chen Song knocked on the door from outside and walked in.

“President Fu, I just contacted Sunshine District and received news that it was bought yesterday. They’re all going through the procedures now.”

Fu Sinian frowned and put down his phone.

“Did you find out who bought it?”

“It’s your mother, Madam Fu,” Chen Song said with a smile.

Upon hearing this, Fu Sinian’s brows slowly relaxed again.

“President Fu, everyone in the company is leaving soon. Are you getting off work now? Do you need me to send you back?”

Fu Sinian hadn’t thought of where to go.

“Go back first,” Fu Sinian said calmly.

“Yes.” Chen Song turned around and left.

After Fu Sinian heard the audio clips, he transferred the money, then got up, turned off the lights, and left the company.

He did not ask Chen Song to stay, nor did he call Jiang Feng over. Instead, he drove on the road.

Unknowingly, he was driving in the direction of Shi Qian’s rented house.

When he arrived outside the Sunshine District, Fu Sinian looked up at the building. On the balcony stood a familiar figure.

Fu Sinian took out his phone and sent a message to Shi Qian.

When she heard her phone ring, she turned around and walked into the house.

As soon as she saw that the message was from Fu Sinian, her heart tightened uncontrollably.

[I just got off work and I’m very hungry.]

Shi Qian looked at this message and couldn’t guess what Fu Sinian meant.

[If you’re hungry, go eat.] She replied.

Fu Sinian looked at this message and his lips curled up slightly.

[What are we eating?] He asked.

[You can eat whatever you want.]

[Do you have any good suggestions?]

Shi Qian looked at this message and sighed.

[It’s already so late. Eat something that’s easy to digest.]

[Soup and noodles?]


[Okay, get ready. I’ll be right there.]

Shi Qian was shocked.

What was going on?

She had said that she wanted him to eat soup noodles, but she had not said that she wanted to cook soup noodles for him!

[I’m asleep.] She replied quickly.

[If she’s asleep, is she sleepwalking to reply to me now?]

Shi Qian was speechless.

She had no way out, but Fu Sinian still pressed forward.

Was it because the more she wanted to avoid him, the more it would arouse his desire to conquer her?

If she was obedient to him, would he get tired of her soon?

[There aren’t many ingredients in the house, so you can only eat clear soup noodles.]

Fu Sinian looked at the reply with a smile in his eyes.


Shi Qian put down her phone and went to the kitchen to prepare.

As soon as Fu Sinian reached the entrance of the neighborhood, his phone rang.

The caller ID showed Su Ruoqing.

“Sinian.” Su Ruoqing’s voice sounded anxious. It sounded like she was deliberately lowering her voice with a strong sense of grievance.


“I’m at a drinking party. Can you come over?” After saying that, Su Ruoqing sobbed.

“What drinking session? What kind of people are there?” Fu Sinian asked again.

“We were originally discussing business. A business partner invited someone with the surname Chu. I think his name is Chu Xian.”