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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 414 - 414 TheLittle Thing Escaped Again

414 TheLittle Thing Escaped Again

Seeing her dazed expression, Fu Sinian suddenly took her hand and reached under the covers. When her hand touched it, she was shocked and immediately wanted to retract her hand.

But Fu Sinian held her hand tightly, not letting her pull away.


“You can’t provoke me in the morning, understand?” Fu Sinian’s voice was low.

“I understand. Can you let go of my hand?”

“What should I do if you let go?” Fu Sinian asked.

She did not really understand.

However, Fu Sinian gave her enough time and a chance to try. He vividly gave her a practical lesson!

When she returned to school, her hand that was holding the pen was still trembling uncontrollably. Her wrist was sore and painful!

After school in the afternoon, she secretly hid in the apartment she had rented.

She had left school early and specially sent a message to Fu Sinian to prevent him from picking her up.

Fu Sinian was in a meeting. He had originally set an alarm to pick up Shi Qian. When he saw her message, he asked Chen Song to arrange the next meeting.

The little thing had escaped again.

“President Fu, what time is it? Don’t you have to pick Madam up?” Chen Song looked surprised.

Besides, it was almost time to get off work. If he arranged for the next meeting, wouldn’t he have to work overtime again?

Recently, President Fu had been getting off work early, and he had even spent the weekend with Madam. Everyone in the company had a few relaxed days.

Were such days going to pass in the blink of an eye?

Fu Sinian had nowhere to vent his energy today.

In the morning, Shi Qian’s hands were trembling unbelievably, and she even had a cramp. It took her a long time to recover. He was really too much.

At this time, she could only fill in the gap with work.

“Do I need you to question my arrangements?” Fu Sinian asked Chen Song.

“Okay, President Fu. I’ll arrange it immediately.” Chen Song quickly left.

… .

Shi Qian cooked some noodles and was eating them when she received a call from Xiao Yan.

“Hello, Miss Xiao.”

“Miss Shi, good evening. I’m sorry to disturb you. President Fu has informed me to take over all of your work in the future.”

“Yes, I’ve signed a contract with Starlight Entertainment.”

“That’s great! I know you currently have a short video account. I don’t think I’ve seen you on other social platforms.”

“Yes, I don’t even have time to manage this short video account.”

“You can send me the username and password for the short video account later. In the future, I’ll take care of it. Also, I’ll first set up some other social media accounts and fan clubs for you. When your work slowly increases, I’ll start the system’s operations.”

“Thank you, Miss Xiao. I hope you’ll take good care of me in the future.” Although Shi Qian had always been against Fu Sinian arranging an assistant for her, she had always respected Xiao Yan.

She had always had a feeling that Xiao Yan was not an ordinary assistant, but a particularly capable woman. She was capable and orderly. She was really overkill.

“Miss Shi, you’re too polite. This is what I should do.”

“Call me Qian Qian from now on. I’ll call you Sister Yan.”

“Alright, I wish us a happy cooperation in the future. I won’t disturb you anymore. If there’s anything, you can look for me anytime.”

“Yes, bye.”

After hanging up, she sent the username and password of the short video account. She hurriedly ate her noodles and went to her room to prepare a recording.

It had been a long time since she had sent an audio to that financier.

Her financier had told her that the audio clips she had recorded was enough for him to listen to. If she was busy, she didn’t have to be in such a hurry to record. When she was free, she could just record more at once.