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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 413 - 413 Qian Qian, It Is The Morning...

413 Qian Qian, It Is The Morning…

At this moment, Shi Qian was lost in this atmosphere.

It took all her strength to hold Fu Sinian’s arm to stand.


Fu Sinian kissed her continuously.

In the end, Fu Sinian carried Shi Qian back to bed.

All the strength in her body seemed to have been drained, and she could only pant softly.

She had never known that a kiss could kill her.

“I’ll take a shower.” Fu Sinian turned and headed for the bathroom.

Shi Qian pulled the blanket and curled up into a ball.

Her entire body felt like she was covered in ant bites.

Earlier in the bathroom, she had been hugged by Fu Sinian and was drenched in sweat. Now that her sweat had dried, she felt a little cold.

No matter what season it was, as long as it was her period, her body would be cold.

Sometimes, she had to carry a warm water bag in the summer.

There was no water heater here, so she could only hug herself tightly.

Fu Sinian walked out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around him. When he saw Shi Qian curled into a ball, he immediately dried himself and lay on the bed.

“Are you feeling unwell again?” He reached under the blanket and touched her small, cold hand. His brows immediately furrowed. “Is the air conditioner on too low?”

“It’s been adjusted to 29 degrees.”

Fu Sinian turned Shi Qian around and hugged her tightly.

His burning chest made her feel very comfortable. However, he had just taken a shower and came over. Could he put on some clothes?

She had nowhere to put her hands.

“Is this better?” Fu Sinian asked gently.

“I’m… a little better, but…” Shi Qian hesitated.

“But what?”

“Can you get dressed?”

“It’s fine. I’m not shy. You can look at me as much as you want.”

Shi Qian was speechless.

She didn’t want to see it at all, okay?

Seeing her obediently snuggle in his arms, Fu Sinian’s heart softened.

Shi Qian had thought that she wouldn’t be able to sleep in such a situation. She didn’t expect to fall asleep after only leaning into Fu Sinian’s arms for a short while.

Usually, she would wake up a few times at night from the pain. Last night, she did not wake up at all.

When she felt pain, a hot hand covered her stomach. The cold and painful feeling immediately disappeared.

It was much better than hot water.

After a good night’s sleep, Fu Sinian felt like he was struggling in purgatory.

In the morning, when Shi Qian woke up, Fu Sinian had just fallen asleep.

She looked up at Fu Sinian and wanted to get out of bed.

Fu Sinian scooped her into his arms and hugged her tightly.

She heard his tired voice above her head. “You tormented me last night. Sleep with me a little longer.”

Shi Qian didn’t move. She knew that Fu Sinian was responsible for her sleeping so soundly last night.

Fu Sinian fell asleep again and she could hear his steady, light breathing.

Shi Qian raised her head slightly and looked at Fu Sinian’s handsome sleeping face.

Her thick ink-like eyebrows were clearly defined, dark, thick, and grew neatly. None of them grew in places that they shouldn’t, forming a natural and beautiful brow shape.

Looking at him at such a close distance, she realized that his eyelashes looked even thicker and longer.

When she saw Fu Sinian, she was attracted to his eyes. She had even fantasized about what they would look like when they opened.

The truth stunned her more than she’d expected.

Shi Qian couldn’t help but raise her hand to press against his sharp nose. Seeing that he was sleeping soundly, she couldn’t help but touch his lips again. Then, her fingers traced the outline of his face.

Suddenly, her hand was grabbed by him!