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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 411 - 411 What Is Love in the World? Love Defeats All

411 What Is Love in the World? Love Defeats All

Just as he was waiting for her to pick up some food for him, she didn’t act.

Now that he was full, she had picked up so much for him.


However, he continued to eat.

Old Master and Wen Lan were shocked again.

There was bitter gourd in Qian Qian’s food, and there was also braised pumpkin. Not only was there a lot of garlic, but there were also some fermented soybeans.

Fu Sinian had actually eaten it!

He ate it all!

It was really as the saying went. Love defeats all.

After dinner, the family sat in the living room and chatted.

Fu Sinian glanced at the old master. The old master pretended not to understand what he meant, but he never mentioned the topic of letting Shi Qian stay in the Fu family’s old residence.

Moreover, she had no intention of bringing up this topic.

Fu Sinian’s phone rang. He got up to answer it.

“It’s getting late. I should go back. Old Master and Qian Qian, you should rest early too.” Wen Lan stood up and prepared to leave.

Rong Qi immediately went to help Wen Lan get her bag. “Auntie, I’ll send you off.”

The old master also stood up. “Qian Qian, I’ll sleep first.”

“Okay, Grandpa.” Shi Qian watched as the old master returned to his room and walked upstairs.

When Fu Sinian returned to the living room after answering the call, there was actually no one there.

He walked towards the old master’s room. The old master was sitting in a chair, waiting for him.

“Why didn’t you say something?”

“Your mother has already probed Qian Qian in advance about what happened today. Qian Qian is clearly unwilling. Your mother and I won’t force Qian Qian. Once I mention it, Qian Qian will be in a difficult position.”

Fu Sinian couldn’t refute.

“Sinian, both parties have to be comfortable to have a good relationship. It’s the same between parents and children, siblings, relatives, and friends. Don’t do anything to others that you don’t want.”

“The relationship between husband and wife has to be built on mutual respect. You can’t deal with everything in your own way and make Qianqian feel depressed. That will only drive her further and further away from you.”

The old master took the opportunity to say.

He had never had the chance to tell Fu Sinian this. This was also his lack of teaching. It was his responsibility.

Fu Sinian felt that way now.

He and Shi Qian had clearly done the most intimate thing, but he still felt that there was an uncrossable ravine between the two of them.

“Sinian, you have to learn how to like someone and love them,” the old man continued.

Fu Sinian was silent for a moment before turning to leave.

The old man looked at Fu Sinian’s back and let out a long sigh. He didn’t know how much Fu Sinian could do with what he had just said.

Shi Qian walked out of the bathroom after taking a shower. While she was still looking for her pajamas, Fu Sinian pushed the door open and entered.

She was instantly shocked. She quickly grabbed the towel and hurriedly put on a set of pajamas before turning to walk towards the bathroom.

She had just taken off her towel and put on her pants when the bathroom door opened.

Originally, one leg was not very stable. When she was nervous, she could not help but fall to the side.

Fu Sinian caught her quickly and wrapped her firmly in his arms.

From her vision, she saw Fu Sinian’s well-defined side profile. His jawline was so clear that it looked like it had been outlined with a brush.

His face was cold and fair, and his skin was like porcelain. His natural noble aura made people not dare to be disrespectful at all.

Shi Qian still couldn’t believe that she had actually had the most intimate relationship with such a man.