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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 408 - 408 Feelings Are Not In Place

408 Feelings Are Not In Place

“Old Master, Young Madam’s personality is also more independent. She’s not a clingy little girl. You’re thinking too much, right?”

“I’m thinking too much? Jin An, think about it. If Fu Sinian could leave Qian Qian at his place, would he be willing to let her live with me in the old residence?”


Jin An was speechless.

Definitely not!

“Old Master, you have to help! Young Master Fu has just made some progress.”

“Of course I’ll help, but I can’t make things difficult for Qian Qian, right? She’s a human, not a kitten or dog. She has her own thoughts. Didn’t you see that she and I are still distant?”

“That’s true. A few days ago, she even came over to say that she wanted to take care of Mother Shi herself.”

“I think Qian Qian hasn’t accepted Fu Sinian from the bottom of her heart. Her feelings aren’t in place yet.” Suddenly, the old master seemed to have thought of something and nervously grabbed Jin An’s hand.

“Jin An, do you think Fu Sinian did something to Qian Qian?”

“Old Master, what method are you referring to?”

“If he didn’t use any tricks, would Qian Qian have taken the initiative to be with him?”

“No way?”

“Anyway, I don’t really trust this kid.”

When Shi Qian and Fu Sinian returned to the living room, they saw a figure sitting there.

“Auntie Wen!” Shi Qian called out happily.

Fu Sinian’s face darkened when he heard this.

Wen Lan glanced at her son and realized that his body was covered in mud. This was the first time she had seen him in such a sorry state.

Thinking of what Su Ruoqing had said to her, her heart ached again.

He had actually secretly been overseas alone for five years!

“Why are you so dirty?”

Before Fu Sinian could answer, Rong Qi ran in like a mud monkey.

“Young Master Fu, wait for me!”

Wen Lan looked at Rong Qi and immediately shut her mouth.

Compared to Rong Qi, Fu Sinian looked much cleaner.

“The two of you, hurry up and wash up,” Wen Lan said to the two of them. She walked forward and held Shi Qian’s hand. “Qian Qian, sit with Auntie for a while.”

Shi Qian followed Wen Lan to the living room.

“Qian Qian, you’re getting along well with Xiao Yan, right?”

“Miss Xiao is especially capable at work. I feel that it’s a waste of her talent to stay by my side.”

“Keep her for now. She’ll definitely be useful in the future. Even if you divorce Sinian, I want to treat you like my daughter.”

Shi Qian was really flattered. At first, she still had a lot of burdens in her heart, but the Fu family treated her even better after she and Fu Sinian completed the divorce procedures.

She really did not know how to bear such kindness and care.

Wen Lan had a good first impression of her. Later on, she gradually developed a good impression of her. Now, she loved her even more.

She didn’t know what else to do for Fu Sinian. She could only use her greatest love to keep the girl she liked the most for her son.

“Okay.” Shi Qian nodded and did not refuse anymore.

She had already agreed to sign with Fu Sinian’s entertainment company, so there was no reason for her to reject Xiao Yan.

“I went to see your mother a few days ago. She’s looking well and recovering well. She should be out of the hospital soon.”


“I heard from the old master that you’re renting a house to bring your mother over to live with you?”

“Auntie, although the house I rented is in an old neighborhood, the environment is not bad. Moreover, the house has just been renovated. It’s the first time I’ve rented a place. It faces the sun on three sides. I’ve already tidied up the room and will disinfect it every day according to the doctor’s instructions. I can pick my mother up from the hospital at any time.”

Wen Lan could tell what she meant.