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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 407 - 407 You Two Are Like Husband and Wife

407 You Two Are Like Husband and Wife

Suddenly, Rong Qi saw another figure in the water.

His face and body were covered in mud, and his facial features were almost obscured. He recognized the person at first glance as Fu Sinian.


“Is this Young Master Fu? Am I seeing things?!” Rong Qi pretended to be surprised and shouted.

Fu Sinian suddenly walked in his direction, holding a net tied to a long bamboo pole.

“Don’t you recognize me?” Fu Sinian asked.

“Is this still the Young Master Fu I know? He personally went into the water to fish? I’m in luck today to be able to eat the fish that Young Master Fu personally caught.” Rong Qi continued to tease.

Fu Sinian glanced at Shi Qian and gave her a look.

Shi Qian immediately walked to the side with the bucket.

Suddenly, Fu Sinian raised the fish net and covered Rong Qi’s head. He pulled hard and Rong Qi fell forward.

“Splash!” Water splashed everywhere.

Rong Qi quickly got up from the water. Unexpectedly, the fish jumped up again and knocked Rong Qi, who had just stabilized himself, back into the water.

It slapped his face with its fishtail.

Shi Qian was so shocked that she could not speak!

Rong Qi was actually beaten up by a group of fish!

“If you want to eat fish, catch it yourself,” Fu Sinian said and turned to walk in the old master’s direction.

Third Young Master Rong finally got up. He moved around randomly and caught one.

“I caught it! I’m going to eat this tonight and cut it into 18 pieces!”

The few of them grabbed a full bucket and went ashore.

Shi Qian wanted to help the old master, but Fu Sinian pulled her back.

When Jin An saw this scene, he couldn’t help but laugh. “Young Madam, I’ll take care of Old Master. Take care of Young Master Fu.”

Shi Qian helped Fu Sinian untie the bag tied to his waist and take off his swimwear.

Rong Qi was in trouble. Not only was there no one to care about him when he climbed up alone, but he was also drenched from head to toe like a clay figurine.

He even wiped his hair and styled it.

However, at this moment, his face was still burning, and his body still hurt a little from the fish.

“Qian Qian, why have you become bad now? You’re ganging up with Young Master Fu to bully me.”

“I didn’t,” she retorted with a faint smile.

“You did! Just now, Young Master Fu gave you a look and you ran away. If you stood beside me, would Young Master Fu have pulled me down with a net?”

Shi Qian could not argue.

“The two of you are really like husband and wife. You’re making me suffer.”

“Eat more later.” With that, Fu Sinian left first with the bucket in one hand and Shi Qian in the other.

The old master had also taken off his swimwear. His heart ached when he saw Rong Qi’s miserable appearance.

“Hurry up and wash up. Then find Sinian’s clothes to change into first.”

Rong Qi got up, picked up his shoes, and walked barefoot towards the front courtyard.

The old master couldn’t stop smiling when he saw this.

“I haven’t seen the old master so happy in a long time.”

“Jin An, I’m really happy today.” After saying that, the old master couldn’t help but sigh again.

“Old Master, why are you suddenly sighing again?”

“Do you think that kid came back to visit me out of kindness? I know why he’s here today.”

“Young Master Fu brought Young Madam back not to see Old Master?” Jin An had yet to figure it out.

“It’s true that he wants me to take care of Qian Qian and let her continue to live in the old residence. Look at how loving he is now. He looks like he’s already very close to Qian Qian, but that’s not the case.”