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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 406 - 406 Show-off

406 Show-off

Fu Sinian and the old master entered the water. Shi Qian stood by the guardrail, feeling a little excited.

Just now, when the water was clear, she could still see the fish swimming in the water.


As soon as someone went down, the fish also began to swim wildly, and the water in the pool became turbid.

“How are we going to catch it?!” Only then did Shi Qian feel lucky that she wasn’t the one who had gone down.

“I’m fishing in troubled waters,” the old master replied with a smile.

Fu Sinian was clearly also a little confused. He held the net and did not know how to start.

The old master glanced at Fu Sinian. “Fu Sinian, watch!” With that, he immediately raised the net he was using and slapped it into the water.

There was a violent struggle where the net was covering. Water splashed everywhere, and the old master’s face was wet.

“Old Master’s net has caught a lot of fish!” Jin An exclaimed.

The old master wanted to reach out to touch it, but he was old after all. He couldn’t just bend down.

“Sinian, come and catch the big one,” the old master said to Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian was a little resistant, especially when he looked at the muddy water. All the hairs on his body were resisting, and they stood up.

“Young Master Fu, a bucket!” Shi Qian leaned against the railing and quickly reached out to hand the bucket over.

Seeing Shi Qian’s expectant expression, Fu Sinian slowly bent down.

He had just touched a fish, but before he could confirm if it was the largest, the old master raised the net.

The fish below crashed into the two of them like crazy, and some fish jumped out of the water.

“Wow!” Shi Qian exclaimed.

She had never seen such a scene before.

Fu Sinian held the fish firmly in his hand. It wasn’t very big, but it wasn’t small either.

“It’s a carp. I’ll make soup for Qian Qian later!” the old master said happily.

Shi Qian raised the bucket and reached out desperately for Fu Sinian, afraid that the fish would escape from his hands.

Fu Sinian had just raised the fish when its tail suddenly swayed and slapped his cheek squarely.

Shi Qian was speechless.

Fu Sinian’s cold and pale face was suddenly covered in a layer of frost. The mark on his face was clearly visible.

Shi Qian was really afraid that Fu Sinian would let the fish go. Fortunately, although he had been hit by the fish, he was still holding it tightly.

“Young Master Fu, let me help you wipe your face. Put the fish in the bucket first.”

Only then did Fu Sinian’s mood improve a little. He put the fish in the bucket and took a few steps closer to Shi Qian.

Jin An quickly brought over a pack of tissues. He took one out from time to time and carefully wiped the mud off Fu Sinian’s face.

Before it could be completely wiped clean, the old master threw the net again.

“Sinian, come over quickly! Isn’t it just a little dirty? What’s a man afraid of dirt? It’s not enough to eat!” The old master looked at Fu Sinian with disdain.

Fu Sinian did not move. He seemed to be enjoying himself.

The old master shook his head. “This kid is deliberately showing off his love!”

“Alright, it’s clean,” she said.

Only then did Fu Sinian turn around and walk in the old master’s direction.

The fish in the water went into a frenzy again and jumped out of the water.

Fu Sinian’s body and face were immediately covered in mud again.

“Wow, it’s so lively! No wonder there’s no one in the front courtyard! It seems that I came at the right time today! There’s a big meal tonight!” Rong Qi walked over quickly.

“Third Young Master!” Shi Qian greeted him.

Rong Qi came to Shi Qian’s side and took a look at the bucket. “Wow, you caught a few! The old master is really strong!”