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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 402 - 402 He's Here to Show Off!

402 He’s Here to Show Off!

Shi Qian reached out and grabbed Fu Si’s wrist, wanting to pry his arm away.

Fu Sinian suddenly let go of her hand. “Why are your hands so cold?”


Shi Qian was also pale.

She didn’t have the strength to argue with Fu Sinian anymore. She replied weakly, “It hurts.”

Fu Sinian visibly panicked. “Are you injured? Where does it hurt?”

“I’m not injured. My stomach hurts.” Shi Qian looked at Fu Sinian. He didn’t seem to understand what she meant yet.

“Jiang Feng, go to the hospital!” Fu Sinian immediately instructed.

“No need!” Shi Qian stopped him immediately. “I’m on my period.”

Now Fu Sinian understood.

Seeing her curled up like a ripe shrimp, his heart ached. He slowly raised his hand and hugged Shi Qian.

“Don’t hug me.”

“Be good. Don’t move if you’re uncomfortable.” He touched her stomach.

The warmth of his palm immediately comforted Shi Qian. She leaned weakly in his arms and stopped struggling like an obedient kitten.

When the car was about to reach the Fu family’s old residence, Shi Qian’s face suddenly tightened. She wanted to sit up, but Fu Sinian pressed her back.

He felt a warmth on his leg and immediately understood.

Shi Qian wished she could find a hole to hide in.

She had forgotten to bring tissues and hadn’t expected her period to come so quickly. Now, not only were her clothes dirty, but Fu Sinian’s clothes must have been stained by her too.

“Don’t move,” Fu Sinian said gently. He wrapped one arm around her and warmed her stomach with the other.

Her stomach was actually so cold. He silently turned up the temperature in the car.

After a while, there was a trace of warmth on Shi Qian’s body. Fu Sinian’s back was covered in a thin layer of sweat.

The car drove straight into the old residence.

Seeing that it was Fu Sinian’s car, the old master didn’t come out and continued playing chess with Jin An.

“Old Master, Young Master Fu is back,” Jin An reminded him.

“So be it. Why does he have to come back and eat with me? I don’t need his company.” The old master moved the pieces on the chessboard and shouted, “General!”

Jin An happened to be sitting where he could see the door. He looked up and saw Fu Sinian walking in with Shi Qian.

“Young Master Fu, Young Madam!”

The old master immediately turned around and saw Fu Sinian holding Shi Qian in his arms. Ignoring the fact that he was about to win, he stood up and walked over.

“What’s wrong with Qian Qian?”

Shi Qian buried her face in Fu Sinian’s arms and shook the shirt at his waist.

Fu Sinian’s lips curled up slightly. “She’s fine. She’s probably too tired. She fell asleep in the car just now. Grandpa, carry Qian Qian upstairs and let her rest for a while.”

“Go, go.” The old master’s voice softened.

Fu Sinian carried Shi Qian upstairs.

The old master looked at Fu Sinian’s back and was overjoyed.

“Young Master Fu didn’t say that he would come with Young Madam. If he did, we would have prepared more food!” Jin An came to Old Master’s side and said.

“It’s not too late to prepare now! Jin An, what do you think this kid’s sudden move means?”

Jin An looked at the old master in confusion.

“Is he here to show off to me?”

Jin An was speechless.

Fu Sinian carried Shi Qian to the room upstairs.

As soon as he entered, Shi Qian shouted at him, “Don’t put me on the bed. I don’t want to dirty it.”

Fu Sinian put her down.

Shi Qian glanced at him and her face burned.

Not only Fu Sinian’s legs, but his shirt and hands were covered in blood.