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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 401 - 401 So What If I Scold You!

401 So What If I Scold You!

Before Shi Qian could call Fu Sinian, he called.

“Is it not over yet?” Fu Sinian’s voice sounded on the phone.


Shi Qian was puzzled. “You know what time I’m in class today?”

“I checked.”

Shi Qian immediately felt helpless.

What was she to Fu Sinian?

He was too involved in her life for her to breathe.

It also made her, who was used to freedom, feel like a tied-up dumpling.

“I was about to call you,” Shi Qian replied.

“You went to see Liu Yiming?”

“In addition to checking my class, you sent someone to follow me?” Shi Qian’s voice rose a few degrees.

“I didn’t send anyone to follow you. It doesn’t take a genius to guess that Liu Yiming must be anxious to see you.”

“Young Master Fu, it’s my freedom to see who I want to see and who wants to see me, right? You have no right to interfere! I’m not a concubine sold to you. I don’t need your permission to go out!” Shi Qian retorted angrily.

Fu Sinian choked.

Why was this little thing so angry?

“I’ll be there soon. Don’t come out too early. I’ll be there in ten minutes,” he instructed.

It was impossible to explain why he indulged Shi Qian to such an extent.

Shi Qian hung up without replying.

Fu Sinian looked at the disconnected phone and laughed angrily.

How dare she hang up on him!

Shi Qian looked at the school gate that was inches away and turned to the pavilion that was resting at the side. She laid weakly on the table.

Her stomach ached, and she felt a chill.

It was already June, but she still felt cold.

After ten minutes of rest, Shi Qian got up and walked out of the school gate.

As soon as she saw Fu Sinian’s car, she ran all the way over. Without waiting for Fu Sinian to get out of the car, she opened the door and got in.

“Drive!” Shi Qian said immediately.

Fu Sinian knew that she was afraid of being seen.

Jiang Feng immediately started the car and left.

Some people still saw it.

One of them was Shi Qian’s roommate, Huang Jia.

“That’s great! I filmed it! Now, who will dare to say that they’re a fake couple! The couple must be real!”

After Shi Qian got into the car, she kept hunching over.

“What’s wrong?” Fu Sinian asked with concern.

“It’s okay,” Shi Qian replied irritably.

Fu Sinian took out a small cake. “I bought it for you when I was passing by. You didn’t eat much this morning. You must be hungry now.”

“No, I’m not hungry.” Shi Qian didn’t even look at the cake.

Fu Sinian was also a little angry.

“Do you regret meeting Liu Yiming?”

Only then did Shi Qian look up. Her face was pale, and her lips were bloodless.

In Fu Sinian’s eyes, this immediately became heartbreaking.

That night, Liu Yiming was prepared to confess. Liu Yiming had seen Shi Qian today and definitely couldn’t help but show his feelings. That was why Shi Qian was in such a bad mood.

“What do I regret?” Shi Qian asked.

“I’m the one who is in regret, not Liu Yiming.”

“Ridiculous!” Shi Qian replied and turned to look out the window.

Fu Sinian’s anger rose.

What Shi Qian had said appeared in his mind. She had a crush on Liu Yiming. She fantasized about running away with him.

She was not sure about Liu Yiming’s feelings for her. If Liu Yiming confessed to Shi Qian first, then it would have nothing to do with him!

Fu Sinian grabbed Shi Qian’s arm and pulled her back.

Shi Qian was held tightly by him and could not breathe. “Fu Sinian, let go of me!”

“Shi Qian, since you chose me, I won’t give you a chance to regret it! I won’t give you any chance!”