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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 400 - 400 Liu Yiming Who Didn't Dare to Love, Fu Sinian Who Can't Be Driven Away

400 Liu Yiming Who Didn’t Dare to Love, Fu Sinian Who Can’t Be Driven Away

Shi Qian did not tell Liu Yiming the truth.

She still had some doubts about this matter.


Moreover, there was no need to let Liu Yiming know too much. The more he knew, the deeper he would be involved.

She thought about it. That Mr. Lin didn’t seem to have any grudge with Liu Yiming. He should be targeting her.

She felt that Mr. Lin was not the mastermind behind the scenes, but a pawn in someone else’s hands.

It was not the first time she had been inexplicably hostile to someone. It was best not to implicate Liu Yiming.

“Did Fu Sinian save you that day? You two…” Liu Yiming suddenly became excited and held Shi Qian’s hand. “Did he take advantage of you!”

Shi Qian pulled her hand back. “Senior, Young Master Fu and I are actually husband and wife.”

“Husband and wife? You mean you’re married?” Liu Yiming looked as if he had been struck by lightning!

“Yes.” Shi Qian nodded. She added silently in her heart, “In the past.”

She could already feel Liu Yiming’s love for her. She didn’t want this love to continue to sprout.

“Shi Qian, you don’t like him at all, do you?” Liu Yiming was really flustered. He had never expected such an outcome!

Shi Qian did not answer the question.

Liu Yiming’s heart was cut again. The pain was unbearable.

If he had confessed to Shi Qian earlier and not kept this feeling to himself, would she not have married Fu Sinian?

His first relationship was so unforgettable, but it ended like this.

Liu Yiming could not catch his breath.

Those confessions that were about to slip out were no longer qualified to be said.

“This news is so sudden. I can’t believe you got married so young.” Liu Yiming’s every word was jerky.

“Senior, I still have something on. I’ll leave first.” Shi Qian stood up and bade farewell.

“Goodbye,” Liu Yiming replied calmly. He did not even look at Shi Qian.

Shi Qian turned slowly and walked out of the café.

Her heart was dry.

In her heart, Liu Yiming had always been so bright, handsome, and talented.

How could a prince charming of Chinese drama not fall into a young girl’s dream?

Except she didn’t dare love.

She did not dare to easily give up her feelings for anyone, let alone hand over her heart to be trampled on!

She would only live a good life according to her preferences.

Shi Qian’s footsteps suddenly slowed.

Could she really live a life according to her preferences?

Fu Sinian accused her of trespassing his world. He was also a bandit who had robbed her of everything.

Liu Yiming, who didn’t dare to love, and Fu Sinian, who couldn’t be driven away.

… .

After Shi Qian left, Liu Yiming was still sitting there.

He turned on his phone and found the video he had specially made for his confession to Shi Qian. He had spent nearly two years filming this video.

It was all from his perspective. The scene was very beautiful.

“You don’t know, but every day when the morning sun rises, a boy looks forward to meeting you happily. You don’t know, but every day after the setting sun ends, a boy enters a dream filled with his love for you…”

Liu Yiming choked at the sight.

He watched the video until he put the phone away.

“Shi Qian, you’ll never know that this is my first work. If the girl I like already has someone she loves, then I wish you happiness. If, one day, you’re hurt by love, I’ll definitely persevere!”