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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 399 - 399 She Has Always Been Straightforward When It Comes to Feelings

399 She Has Always Been Straightforward When It Comes to Feelings

“Senior, I still have class. After I finish this class, let’s meet at the school cafe, okay?” Shi Qian took the initiative to say.

“Okay, okay. I’ll wait for you.” Liu Yiming immediately nodded.


After class, Shi Qian was called to Teacher Ouyang’s office.

“Shi Qian, Director Zheng’s ‘Deep Palace Conspiracy’ started playing yesterday. I heard your dubbing. It’s very good,” Teacher Ouyang said with a smile.

In all her years of teaching, she had never been stingy with her praise for outstanding and studious students.

“Thank you, Teacher Ouyang, for giving me this opportunity. Why is it broadcasting so quickly? Wasn’t the broadcast date not decided previously?”

“There’s a problem with a drama that can’t be broadcasted for the time being, so it was changed and Director Zheng’s show was broadcasted first.”

“No wonder.”

“That’s good. During the broadcast, you’ll be in time for the recording of Heavenly Feast. When the time comes, your reputation will increase.”

“Teacher Ouyang, has the recording time for Heavenly Feast been confirmed?”

“Yes, fifteen days before the summer heat. We’ll record the first episode first and broadcast it during the summer vacation. The rest will be recorded immediately during the summer vacation. We’ll just finish recording during the summer vacation.”

“That’s great. It didn’t delay my schooling at all.”

“Yes.” Teacher Ouyang smiled and nodded. “There should be many companies looking for you to sign contracts with them recently, right?”

“Yes.” Shi Qian nodded.

Her work account received a lot of requests every day.

“You haven’t decided which company to sign with yet? You can choose the company you want to sign with and get them to assign you some people to help you film when you record Heavenly Feast. Usually, companies that are sincere in signing a contract with you won’t refuse such a small request.”

“Yes.” Shi Qian nodded.

“I have to go out again. We’ll talk later.”

“Okay, Teacher Ouyang.”

After leaving Teacher Ouyang’s office, Shi Qian went straight to the cafe.

Liu Yiming had been waiting here. He was very nervous, afraid that what Shi Qian had just said was a lie. Actually, she did not want to see him.

Although he couldn’t remember what had happened after that, he remembered some of what had happened when he first entered the room.

He was afraid that he would do something outrageous to Shi Qian.

If that was the case, he couldn’t forgive himself.

Shi Qian walked into the cafe and immediately saw Liu Yiming. She had never seen such a dejected side of Liu Yiming.

She walked over and sat opposite Liu Yiming.

Liu Yiming sensed that someone was coming and immediately looked up. When he saw that it was Shi Qian, he was overjoyed.

“Shi Qian, I thought you wouldn’t come.”

“Why wouldn’t I come?” Shi Qian asked. “Senior, what’s with the wound on your head?”

“I hit my head, Shi Qian. When I woke up, I couldn’t remember what had happened to us. I didn’t—”

“No, nothing happened between us.” Shi Qian shook her head.


“Really, Senior. I’m really sorry. That Manager Lin must have come for me and I implicated you. I feel very sorry.”

“No, you don’t have to apologize! I agreed. If I hadn’t brought him in, you wouldn’t have been hurt like this. It’s my fault.”

They apologized to each other. The atmosphere was suddenly awkward.

Shi Qian picked up her coffee and took a sip.

Liu Yiming also looked out the window in a panic.