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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 398 - 398 You!

398 You!

“You,” Fu Sinian replied concisely and forcefully.

Shi Qian’s lips trembled, as if she had suddenly lost her voice.


She ignored Fu Sinian and looked down at the food in her bowl.

“I didn’t ask you to take leave tomorrow to stay with me. Call me after you finish class. I’ll pick you up and take you back to the Fu family’s old residence.”

Only then did Shi Qian look up. “To see Grandpa?”

“Yes.” Fu Sinian nodded.

Shi Qian immediately heaved a sigh of relief. If he had said they were going to see her grandfather, she would have made time.

“You’re not willing to accompany me yet you’re so excited to accompany Grandpa?” Fu Sinian admitted that he was jealous.

Shi Qian put down her chopsticks. “I’m done eating.”

Fu Sinian suddenly grabbed her wrist and wrapped his other hand around her waist, easily taking her into his arms.

“I haven’t finished eating yet. Don’t go.”

“How can you eat with me in your arms?”

“Feed me.”

Shi Qian was really impressed. Why did she feel that Fu Sinian was like a child now, and he was the clingy kind.

She put down her chopsticks, picked up a soup spoon, and stuffed it into Fu Sinian’s mouth.

“Are you feeding the pigs?”

“Didn’t you say you wanted me to feed you?” Shi Qian replied self-righteously.

Fu Sinian smiled and didn’t argue.

Actually, this little girl sometimes looked very docile but her entire body was covered in thorns. It depended on when she stabbed you!

… .

The next morning, Fu Sinian sent Shi Qian back to school.

Shi Qian looked back and forth. Fortunately, there were not many people outside. She was about to push open the car door and get out when Fu Sinian pulled her back.

“Did you put on lipstick today?” he asked suddenly.

“I did,” Shi Qian replied with a puzzled expression. What was he going to do now?

Fu Sinian suddenly cupped her cheek and kissed her lips.

Shi Qian was stunned.

After a kiss, Fu Sinian raised his body and wiped the corner of his lips with his finger. He found a little pink on his finger.

“The color is so light?”

Shi Qian was confused again.

“Why would I wear something so red in school? I’m wearing makeup and I feel strange without lipstick.”

Fu Sinian looked at her neck and frowned.

The mark that was clearly clear last night was actually gone.

He reached for her neck, and Shi Qian immediately blocked his hand.

“What are you doing now?” Shi Qian was angry.

Fu Sinian had been really strange these past two days!

“What is it that can hide that mark without leaving a trace?”

“Concealer,” Shi Qian replied calmly. “I’m getting out of the car. I’ll be late later.”

“Okay.” Fu Sinian said okay and held Shi Qian for a while before letting go of her.

Shi Qian got out of the car and walked quickly towards the school. She found a bathroom and realized that her lips were no different from lipstick!

And they burned.

He kissed her so hard!

Shi Qian still wanted to take out her lipstick to reapply, but there was no need for that now.

She hurried towards the classroom. Liu Yiming was guarding outside, attracting a lot of attention.

Liu Yiming’s head was still injured and he looked very pale.

“Senior?” Shi Qian called out in surprise.

Fu Sinian said that Liu Yiming was fine, but that was what she saw.

“Shi Qian, I’ve finally seen you. I’ve been worried about you.” Liu Yiming took a step forward.

Shi Qian immediately retreated, as if by reflex.

Liu Yiming’s eyes darkened.

“I… I…” His voice was dry. He didn’t know how to begin.