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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 397 - 397 Aroused Competitiveness

397 Aroused Competitiveness

Shi Qian turned to look for her phone and saw that there was only one phone on the bedside table. It was Fu Sinian’s.

Only then did she remember that her kidnapper had crushed her phone.


There was no need to call him. She really had no way of knowing Liu Yiming’s situation.

“I’ll call you once. Don’t go back on your word.” Shi Qian puffed up her cheeks and looked at Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian nodded.

“H-Hubby.” Shi Qian’s voice was as small as a mosquito.

“I can’t hear you.” Fu Sinian didn’t give him any face.

“Hubby,” Shi Qian said again.

Fu Sinian nodded in satisfaction.

“Alright, tell me quickly!”

“Liu Yiming is fine. He was on an IV until early in the morning and left.”

“That’s good.” Shi Qian breathed a sigh of relief. “I feel like this is directed at me. I don’t feel good if someone else is implicated because of me.”

Fu Sinian raised Shi Qian’s chin again. “Isn’t it a two-way street? Why is it someone else again?”

He smiled really smugly.

Shi Qian realized that her lie might be exposed.

“I… I have a crush on him, okay? I imagined those things, okay?” Shi Qian retorted stubbornly.

“Then tell me, why was it me and not him last night?” Fu Sinian’s words easily exposed Shi Qian’s lie.

Shi Qian was instantly embarrassed.

Fu Sinian, on the other hand, was like a general who had returned triumphantly after winning a war. He was smug.

His gaze was fixed on Shi Qian.

Shi Qian immediately felt that something was wrong. She immediately climbed into bed, wanting to escape from the other side.

Fu Sinian, however, had anticipated her intentions and grabbed her small foot.

Shi Qian was pulled back by him.

The location was just right.

“Fu Sinian, you’re… shameless!”

“Qian Qian, I’m not shameless. You’re too sweet. You always make people lose control.”

Shi Qian was furious.

He was the one who had taken advantage of her, but he still blamed her.

“No!” She looked at him and refused forcefully.

This matter had just begun. Moreover, she didn’t know when it would end. She couldn’t let Fu Sinian do whatever he wanted!

“You said I couldn’t do it. In the end, haven’t I proven that I’m very good?”

“Bastard!” Shi Qian cursed.

He did it on purpose, didn’t he? Was this because her words had aroused his desire to win?

“Qian Qian, once a volcano erupts, if it doesn’t release all its stored energy, it might form an active volcano that will erupt every few days.”

Shi Qian looked at him, speechless.

Fu Sinian liked how adorable she looked.

… .

Originally, the day after filming, Shi Qian was going back to school.

However, he insisted on her taking three days off from Teacher Ouyang because she was sick.

Teacher Ouyang instructed Shi Qian to rest more and did not ask further.

Shi Qian put down her phone and looked at Fu Sinian.

As a student, it was nothing for her to take three days off, but a big shot like Fu Sinian could actually stay at home for three days.

“I’ll only take three days off. I have to go back to school tomorrow,” Shi Qian said to Fu Sinian.

“How many compulsory classes are there tomorrow?” Fu Sinian asked.

Shi Qian was stunned and immediately said, “I’m coming to the end of the semester. I have to revise. Even if there’s no compulsory class, I have to study.”

“Take another day off tomorrow. I’ll let you study hard the day after tomorrow.”

“Young Master Fu, don’t you have to go to the company? In the next three days, don’t you have to do anything or deal with work?”

“You think I won’t do anything for the next three days?” Fu Sinian asked.

“What will you do?” Shi Qian was angry too. Did he think she was blind? He had never even opened the study door.

Fu Sinian’s thin lips moved slightly as he replied succinctly.