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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 396 - 396 Let Me Help You Remember

396 Let Me Help You Remember

Fu Sinian still didn’t let her. He pulled the clothes away.

“You!” Shi Qian was speechless and stared at him with wide eyes.


“Do you want to take a shower?” Fu Sinian asked her.

“I’m sorry, Young Master Fu. I didn’t know you were inside. I’ll go out first.” Shi Qian turned to leave.

Fu Sinian took her wrist and held her behind the door.

“What did you just call me?”

“Young Master Fu.”

“No, that’s not what you called me yesterday,” Fu Sinian corrected with a smile.

“What happened yesterday? I don’t remember.” Shi Qian tried to bluff it out.

“Do you want me to help you remember?” Fu Sinian smiled evilly.

Shi Qian grabbed his hand nervously. “Young Master Fu, there’s no need!”

“There’s no need. Does that mean you remember?”

Shi Qian bit her lip and did not answer his question.

“I remember you calling me Hubby. Call me Hubby now so I can hear you.”

Fu Sinian tilted her chin and waited for her response.

Shi Qian’s face burned, and her ears burned red.

Fu Sinian suddenly kissed her.

An hour later, they came out of the bathroom.

Shi Qian was carried out by Fu Sinian. Her body and hair were wet, but she had a bathrobe on.

Fu Sinian put her on the bed and picked up a towel to dry her hair.

Shi Qian was shocked by his gentle actions.

When her mother dried her hair, she would occasionally hurt hers and pull off a lot of hair.

Fu Sinian, on the other hand, treated her like a precious treasure. He couldn’t bear for her to lose a hair.

“Liu Yiming…” Shi Qian suddenly said.

Fu Sinian paused. “Worried about him?”

“Young Master Fu, what happened yesterday? Who wanted to frame me and Liu Yiming?” Shi Qian finally had the chance to ask this question.

She was sure Fu Sinian had found out.

“Why don’t you suspect Liu Yiming?”

“He’s not that kind of person! Last night, he was framed too,” Shi Qian said firmly.

“That Manager Lin once worked with Xian Cheng Entertainment. Later, Xian Cheng Entertainment fell and his investment was lost, so he wanted to take revenge on you.”

Shi Qian listened to these words and had another question.

“If he wants to take revenge on me, there are many ways. Why did he involve Liu Yiming?”

“Maybe he has some conflict with Liu Yiming,” Fu Sinian replied casually.

Shi Qian thought for a moment. This was the only explanation that made sense.

Fu Sinian didn’t tell Shi Qian the full truth of what he had found. He would deal with the rest. He didn’t want her to face those things.

In the hotel room, a few cameras had been found that could capture every corner of the room.

These cameras must be related to this matter.

Moreover, Manager Lin had already told him everything he knew. The target was still Xian Cheng Entertainment.

The legal person of Xian Cheng Entertainment had been living overseas and could not be contacted for the time being.

This Manager Lin was just a pawn being used.

It was as if there was a black hand behind him that had been targeting Shi Qian, wanting to push her into eternal damnation!

“Young Master Fu, how is Liu Yiming?” Shi Qian asked again.

“You want to know? I’ll tell you if you call me husband.”

Shi Qian immediately turned her head. If she hadn’t been pulled into the abyss by Fu Sinian, she wouldn’t have been able to say this!

“You don’t want to know, do you? Forget it. I don’t want to tell you anyway.”