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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 395 - 395 Feast

395 Feast

Shi Qian couldn’t speak. She only shook her head slightly and took Fu Sinian’s hand.

“Qian Qian, do you know what you’re doing?” Fu Sinian asked, soothing her.


Only then did he give her a response.

She trembled uncontrollably.

“Yes!” Shi Qian said softly in response to Fu Sinian. It easily crushed Fu Sinian’s hard-earned rationality!

Fu Sinian lowered his head and kissed her lips, regaining the lead!

It was more than two hours before the car’s lights came on.

Chen Song did not dare to approach.

He was standing by the roadside smoking.

The car was parked on a road under construction. Construction was still under way. It was almost twelve in the morning. There was no one there.

Fu Sinian ate his fill like a glutton.

Shi Qian fell asleep in his arms.

He picked up the phone and dialed Bai Jianshen’s phone number.

“Young Master Fu, I am still waiting for you.” Bai Jianshen’s tone carried a smile and a hint of teasing.

“Qian Qian’s condition won’t cause any damage to her body, will it? I’ll come to you now.”

“Young Master Fu, you don’t have to waste time with me. Make good use of the time. After all, it’s rare to have a night like this. I know what that medicine is. Qian Qian didn’t drink much. It won’t cause any harm to her body. Moreover, it can relieve the stress caused by nervousness.”

“Jiang Feng looked for you?”

“Liu Yiming’s head was hit by you. If I don’t go, what if someone dies? Also, according to that Lin guy and Liu Yiming’s blood test report, Liu Yiming drank twice as much as Qian Qian.”

“What are you getting at?”

“The person behind the scenes wanted Qian Qian to retain some consciousness. Then, Liu Yiming would be like a crazy beast. Think about it. What a vicious method.”

Fu Sinian’s brows tightened.

“You’re saying Qian Qian was conscious? In other words, she knows everything that happened?”

“Yes.” Bai Jianshen gave Fu Sinian an affirmative answer. “No, Young Master Fu, shouldn’t your focus be on the mastermind?”

“The people are under control. Are you still afraid that you won’t be able to find the mastermind?” Fu Sinian asked and hung up.

Chen Song finished his cigarette and prepared to walk in the direction of the car.

He had just raised her foot when the lights in the car went out again.

He quickly pulled back.

President Fu!

This was the wilderness!

… .

When Shi Qian woke up, she found herself in Fu Sinian’s bed.

Her entire body felt as if it had been torn apart and reassembled.

The muscles in her feet, in particular, were even sorer than after high-intense exercise.

What had happened the day before came back to her in scattered pieces. She immediately pulled up the blanket and covered her head.

Her mind was in a mess, and her heart was even more confused.

After a while, Shi Qian stuck her head out of the blanket and looked around the room.

Fu Sinian didn’t seem to be in his room.

She got out of bed, picked up a shirt to cover herself, and hurried to the bathroom.

Fu Sinian was about to come out when the door opened and Shi Qian bumped into his arms!

Shi Qian’s breathing stopped. She wanted to escape, but Fu Sinian hugged her tightly.

“You’re awake?” His deep voice sounded in her ear.

Shi Qian hugged the clothes tightly in her arms.

She regretted not putting them on just now.

“This shirt is dirty. Change into another one later.” Fu Sinian tugged at the shirt in her hand.

Shi Qian immediately hugged it tighter.