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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 393 - 393 No!

393 No!

Liu Yiming panicked when he heard that and took the room card. “How do I get the room?”

“It goes straight to the twenty-ninth floor from the elevator here. There’s a room number on the card.”


“Thank you!” Liu Yiming followed the waiter’s directions and quickly headed for the elevator.

After getting into the elevator, Liu Yiming felt even hotter.

He couldn’t help but tug at his collar and not think too much about it.

He must have been too worried about Shi Qian.

The elevator stopped. Liu Yiming headed for the room listed on the room card.

There was a sudden beep.

Then the door opened.

Shi Qian was originally curled up on the ground. When she heard the commotion, she was immediately like a frightened bird!

“Shi Qian!” Liu Yiming immediately saw Shi Qian.

Su Ruoqing looked at the photo and took a sip of red wine.

Liu Yiming was here.

The male and female leads were all here.

Next, the show was about to begin!

Shi Qian was curled up in a small corner of the bed and bedside table. She was holding a lamp and looked up in horror.

“Senior?” Her voice trembled, and her body trembled.

“Shi Qian, what’s wrong? What’s wrong?” Liu Yiming’s heart ached when he saw Shi Qian’s expression.

He immediately walked toward Shi Qian and took the lamp from her hand.

As soon as he approached Shi Qian, it was as if he had triggered something. Liu Yiming’s eyes, which originally had a trace of clarity, were immediately dyed with lust!

Liu Yiming felt something amiss and immediately retracted his hand that was about to touch Shi Qian’s shoulder.

Shi Qian was not guarded against Liu Yiming at all. She felt that Liu Yiming was here to save her.

She reached out and placed her hand on Liu Yiming’s wrist. With her own strength, she could not stand.

Liu Yiming’s Adam’s apple moved slightly. His mind was filled with those images.

No! He immediately shook his head.

He was conflicted!


He definitely could not do that to Shi Qian.

He helped Shi Qian to her feet.

Shi Qian felt dizzy and bumped into Liu Yiming’s arms.

Liu Yiming’s rationality collapsed at this moment!

“Senior, let’s get out of here.” Shi Qian’s voice was soft.

It was like a feather brushing past Liu Yiming’s heart. He almost lost control!

At this moment, the veins on the back of Liu Yiming’s hand were clearly visible.

“I’ll take you to the hospital.” Liu Yiming had yet to notice what was wrong with Shi Qian.

He tried to control his emotions as he helped Shi Qian toward the door.

But no matter how hard he pulled the doorknob, the door wouldn’t open.

Shi Qian’s body fell to the ground again. She looked up at Liu Yiming with confusion in her eyes.

Wasn’t Liu Yiming here to save her?

Why was he locked in the room with her?

Liu Yiming’s face was covered in sweat.

Shi Qian’s pupils constricted as she realized danger.

There was probably something wrong with Liu Yiming’s bottle of wine!

Liu Yiming wanted to bend down and help Shi Qian up, but Shi Qian immediately shrank back.

“Don’t touch me.”

Liu Yiming’s hand froze in place. At this moment, he realized what was going on!

However, he really couldn’t take it anymore!

“Qian Qian, let me help you up. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.” Liu Yiming’s voice was a little rougher than usual. It was very suppressed and not convincing at all.

“No, go to the room. We have to keep our distance.” Shi Qian pointed inside.

Liu Yiming turned around and saw the big round bed.

His rationality was shattered again!

“Shi Qian, I like you,” he suddenly said to Shi Qian.

“Liu Yiming! Wake up!” Shi Qian shouted at him.