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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 392 - 392 She Called Him Hubby!

392 She Called Him Hubby!

Every time, she didn’t seem to care or want him at all. In the end, he was slapped in the face every time.

Fu Sinian’s phone rang. He saw that it was Shi Qian.


As soon as he answered, he heard a violent vomiting sound.

“Shi Qian!” Fu Sinian called out nervously.

When Shi Qian heard Fu Sinian’s voice, she took out her phone and shouted, “Fu Sinian, save me!”

When the man saw that Shi Qian was on the phone, he kicked her phone away.

One of them grabbed Shi Qian’s collar.

“My… my husband… is Fu Sinian… How dare you touch me…” Shi Qian gradually couldn’t make any sound. She was about to suffocate!

The man dragged her and crushed the phone on the ground. He swiped the key card and threw Shi Qian into this room.

As soon as Shi Qian was thrown in, the surveillance cameras in the room captured her.

Su Ruoqing watched the scene with satisfaction.

It wouldn’t be long before she could see Shi Qian and Liu Yiming having sex here!

On the street, a car drove away quickly! The black car and the lights of the wheels were like a bolt of lightning!

After Shi Qian was thrown into the room, she realized that it was empty.

She carefully headed into the house and pushed open the bathroom door. She didn’t find anyone.

He came to the bed, picked up the lamp, and held it in his hand. He looked around again, not missing a corner.

What exactly was her captor trying to do?

Shi Qian had no clue at all.

She held the lamp. She had been standing for less than a minute when she felt her legs go weak and the strength gradually leave her hands.

Her body slumped to the ground.

There was something wrong with the wine.

Only then did Shi Qian understand.

So many people drank together. Was there only something wrong with her wine?

She thought carefully about the details.

Manager Lin took two bottles of wine and handed one to her and the other to Liu Yiming.

It was that Manager Lin?

Shi Qian took a deep breath and crawled toward the headboard. She picked up the phone, but there was no sound.

The phone had been tampered with.

It seemed that they had planned it in advance.

She still wanted to walk toward the door, but she really didn’t have the strength.

It was so hot.

In such a short time, she was drenched in sweat.

Besides, she had no way of predicting what she would face.

Fu Sinian must be coming to save her, right?

… .

Liu Yiming finished singing a song and did not notice Shi Qian there.

He asked Chen Chen, “Do you see Shi Qian?”

“She seemed to be going to the bathroom just now. She’s not back yet?” Chen Chen was playing dice and did not notice.

Liu Yiming immediately headed for the bathroom and realized that the door was locked.

“Shi Qian! Shi Qian!” He pounded on the door.

“Director Liu, Shi Qian is in the bathroom outside,” Manager Lin reminded him.

“Thank you.” Liu Yiming immediately walked out.

As soon as he walked outside, he felt dizzy and couldn’t see anything clearly.

He had only drunk a glass of wine, but he was already drunk?

He shook his head and continued forward.

He was really worried about Shi Qian being alone in such a place.

“Excuse me, are you Liu Yiming?” a voice suddenly asked.

Liu Yiming turned to look at the person and nodded. “I am.”

“There’s a young lady called Shi Qian. She’s not feeling well. She booked a room with us. She specially asked me to come over and tell you. This is the room key she asked me to give you. I don’t think she’s very comfortable. You should go up and see her quickly.”