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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 390 - 390 There's Something Wrong With the Wine

390 There’s Something Wrong With the Wine

Before Liu Yiming could speak, Manager Lin walked towards Shi Qian. “What time is it? We just ate and the real celebration hasn’t started yet. Shi Qian, if you go back now, you’ll ruin everyone’s mood. Don’t you think so?”

“Yes, yes,” Chen Chen immediately echoed.


The confession he had planned for Liu Yiming had yet to begin!

Shi Qian was the protagonist. What if the protagonist left?

With that, he even poked Liu Yiming with his arm. “Yiming, don’t you think so?”

“Shi Qian, this wrap banquet is very important today. It seems a little disrespectful to Manager Lin and Senior if you leave us like this.” A voice sounded with a hint of accusation.

“Yes! We were happy, but now the atmosphere is ruined,” someone else interjected softly.

“She doesn’t want to play with us at all. What’s her status now? She’s in a scandal with a big shot like Fu Sinian. Even the entertainment tycoon, Third Master Rong, is surrounding her like a puppy.”

Shi Qian looked at these people and they immediately shut up.

“Shi Qian, I want you to stay,” Liu Yiming suddenly said.

Now everyone looked at Shi Qian.

Would Shi Qian refuse even this?

Liu Yiming’s words did make it difficult for Shi Qian to leave. If she still insisted on leaving, Liu Yiming would definitely lose face.

“I can’t stay until too late. I have to be back by eleven,” Shi Qian agreed with a nod.

“Okay.” Liu Yiming’s tense heart relaxed.

If Shi Qian agreed to stay, he would have a glimmer of hope.

“Come, come, let’s select songs to cheer up the atmosphere.” Chen Chen immediately started to warm up.

As soon as the explosive music started, the atmosphere became lively again.

At that moment, the waiter pushed some wine over. All the caps were opened for everyone to take.

Manager Lin picked up a bottle in each hand and handed it to Liu Yiming and Shi Qian.

“Director Liu and Miss Shi Qian, let’s have a drink first.”

Liu Yiming took the bottle and so did Shi Qian.

“The alcohol content is not high. It’s not a problem for girls to drink some.”

“Manager Lin is so thoughtful.” A girl praised him with admiration.

“Come, come, let’s raise our glasses to celebrate. I hope Director Liu can become a famous director worldwide in the future. I also wish everyone a bright future!”


Shi Qian raised her glass and took a small sip.

“Finish it, finish it! You have to finish it!” Chen Chen joined in.

The girls who had put the bottle down raised it again.

Shi Qian did not want to do anything unsociable again, so she continued drinking. The alcohol content was indeed not high. She had just seen it. She had no problem drinking a glass.

After drinking this glass, Shi Qian quickly walked to a corner of the sofa and shrank her presence.

Chen Chen poked Liu Yiming’s arm. “Go over.”

Liu Yiming wanted to walk towards Shi Qian, but when he saw that Shi Qian was replying to a message on her phone, he stopped.

In that moment, his legs felt like lead. He couldn’t move them.

“Yiming, what happened to you? You’re not such a wishy-washy person. I’ve got everything ready. When are you going to confess?”

“Let’s wait a little longer. I think everyone has just started having fun.”

“Senior, I heard that you sing the best. Do you want to sing for us today?” Someone shouted at Liu Yiming.