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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 389 - 389 Setup

389 Setup

When Shi Qian heard Fu Sinian’s name, her heart skipped a beat and her face stiffened.

Rong Qi immediately realized the change in Shi Qian.


It seemed that this couple was at odds again!

“Qian Qian, this man has to find someone obedient. He has to be gentle, considerate, and doting. Find someone hard, smelly, and like a rock in a latrine. It’s not worth it to anger himself to death. So what if he’s married? He can still get a divorce,” Rong Qi said half-jokingly.

He was just jealous now. He just didn’t want Fu Sinian to have an easy time.

When he said that, Shi Qian’s face stiffened even more.

Liu Yiming walked over slowly. “Shi Qian, we’re going to eat.”

“Okay,” Shi Qian replied with a nod.

“Is the team having a meal together?” Rong Qi asked.

“Yes, there’s a small wrap party,” Shi Qian replied gently.

“I was thinking of treating you to a meal. It seems that I can’t do it today. Celebrate well. I’ll treat you another day.” Rong Qi waved at Shi Qian. “I’ll leave first.”

“Okay.” Shi Qian nodded and watched Rong Qi leave.

Liu Yiming walked towards Shi Qian again and asked softly, “Shi Qian, can you take my car over?”

“No need.” Shi Qian refused with a faint smile. She glanced in Chen Song’s direction. “I have a car. I’ll see you later.”

With that, she turned and walked towards Chen Song.

Chen Song saw Shi Qian walking towards him and immediately greeted her with a smile.

“Chen Song, are you free? Send me there.”

“Yes! Of course I’m free!” Chen Song was simply flattered.

Today’s wrap banquet was booked by the sponsor, Manager Lin. It was a very impressive private clubhouse. He booked a large room for dining and karaoke. There was no need to change the venue. They could have fun.

Chen Chen and Manager Lin had secretly discussed that Liu Yiming was going to confess today and had even prepared well.

On the way here, Liu Yiming’s heart was in turmoil.

Last night, he felt that his confession to Shi Qian would have a 50% success rate.

However, this morning, it had become 30%.

Just now, it had dropped to zero.

He even wanted to give up.

But if he gave up, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

“Liu Yiming, do you not have the courage just because you know you will be rejected?” Liu Yiming secretly encouraged himself.

When Shi Qian arrived, Liu Yiming was already there and waiting for her outside the door.

Chen Song quickly got out of the car and opened the door for Shi Qian.

“Madam, I’ll wait here to take you back.”

“I might be late.”

“It’s because it’ll be late that I’m waiting. I can only be at ease if I take you back. Don’t stand on ceremony with me. I just want to earn some overtime.”

“Did Young Master Fu ask you to come?” Shi Qian couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes,” Chen Song replied immediately.

“Shi Qian, everyone is going in!” someone shouted at Shi Qian.

“Thank you.” Shi Qian thanked Chen Song softly and turned to walk in.

When they arrived at the private room, Manager Lin was on the phone. When he heard the door open, he immediately hung up.

“Wow! This place is so luxurious!”

It was a suite. Once inside, it was a luxuriously furnished restaurant. After opening the sliding door, there was a karaoke room.

“Come, come, come. Everyone, sit down,” Manager Lin said.

Everyone took their seats, still marveling at the splendor of the place.

After a few minutes of chatting, the dishes were served. During dinner, someone couldn’t help but start singing a few songs.

As soon as the meal was over, everyone ran eagerly towards the karaoke room.

Shi Qian walked towards Liu Yiming. “Senior, I still have something on today and want to go back. Take your time.”