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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 388 - 388 Did Big Boss Fu Really Let Go?

388 Did Big Boss Fu Really Let Go?

Chen Song looked helpless. He didn’t want to be empty-handed!

“President Fu didn’t ask me to come today. I came over myself to inquire about military intelligence.”


The description was… apt.

“I can tell that Miss Shi doesn’t like this Liu Yiming,” Xiao Yan said slowly.

“Really? Miss Xiao, you’ve always been a good judge of character! I believe you!” Chen Song immediately felt confident.

“I don’t think Miss Shi likes President Fu either,” Xiao Yan added.

Chen Song was immediately like a deflated ball.

He turned and walked to the side. He took out his phone and dialed Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian glanced at the caller ID and knew that Chen Song had secretly gone to the filming location. He also knew that the filming was all over today.

He swiped his phone and hung up.

He hung up? Chen Song was dumbfounded.

He risked his life to call again, but he was hung up after only one ring.

Was President Fu not concerned at all?

“Sister Qian Qian!” a voice suddenly said as Rong Qi walked in with a large bouquet of flowers.

The bouquet of flowers was tied with a beautiful veil. It looked like a little princess in a wedding dress. Besides, there was a sparkling crown hair ornament on the flowers.

“Third Master Rong is already here and he even sent the queen’s crown,” Xiao Yan teased.

Chen Song looked helpless.

However, President Fu did not answer his call.

He still refused to give up. He sent Fu Sinian the photo of Liu Yiming giving Shi Qian flowers.

There was also a sentence: “President Fu, Liu Yiming must be trying to confess to Madam during the wrap party!”

Fu Sinian’s phone screen lit up again. He glanced at it and lowered his head to continue working.

Chen Song did not receive a response for a long time.

Did President Fu see any news of him?

Was there really no hurry at all?

The emperor was really not anxious.Pfft!

What was his hurry? She wasn’t his wife.

After Rong Qi gave the flowers to Shi Qian, he took out the crown hair accessory.

“The gift that the famous Third Master Rong gave must be diamonds, right?”

“It must be. It’s so shiny! I wonder how many diamonds are embedded in it. It’s really beautiful!”

Shi Qian also felt that this hair accessory was expensive. “Third Young Master, I’ll take the flowers. I can’t take this.”

“You have to accept this. I personally chose it for a long time and specially chose it for you.” With that, Rong Qi did not give Shi Qian a chance to refuse again and pinned this crown hair accessory in Shi Qian’s hair.

“How beautiful!”

Shi Qian had specially tied her hair into a bun today. Originally, she had only tied it with a black rubber band. Now that she had this hair accessory, her aura was different.

She looked bright and moving.

Liu Yiming looked at Rong Qi’s generous gift and thought of his necklace that cost less than ten thousand yuan. He suddenly felt a little embarrassed.

“Yes! I mean, my Sister Qian Qian is the best!” Rong Qi nodded in satisfaction.

Shi Qian was about to take it off when Rong Qi shouted, “You’re not allowed to take it off! Wear it. If you take it off, I’ll really be angry!”

Shi Qian put down her hand, unable to dissuade Rong Qi. “Thank you, Third Young Master.”

“That’s right.” Rong Qi clapped his hands happily.

The three boys’ mother wanted a daughter very much. In the end, she couldn’t have another child because of health reasons, leaving a regret.

With this relationship with the Fu family, Rong Qi really treated Shi Qian as his sister.

Rong Qi looked around and saw Chen Song, but he didn’t see Fu Sinian.

“Young Master Fu isn’t here?”