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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 387 - 387 She Didn't Need a Man

387 She Didn’t Need a Man

Su Ruoqing secretly tensed up.

Madam Fu’s voice slowly sounded. “Miss Su, an outsider like you has no right to interfere in our family’s matters. I also advise you to be a good person. If I discover that you have any schemes used on Sinian or Shi Qian, I don’t care whose adopted daughter you are or what title your adoptive father has. I will definitely pursue the matter to the end!”


With that, Madam Fu stood up and left.

She walked up to Madam Ge and smiled kindly at her. “Mrs. Ge, is it convenient for you to leave your contact information?”

Mrs. Ge was so frightened that she almost couldn’t hold her glass steady. “Yes, yes!” With that, she quickly took out her phone.

After Madam Fu left Mrs. Ge’s contact information, she said to everyone, “I still have something on. I’ll leave first.”

“Madam Fu left just like that?”

Someone in the crowd looked in Su Ruoqing’s direction. She was Madam. Wang, the host of the cocktail party today.

She knew Su Ruoqing’s intentions today.

It seemed that Madam Fu did not like Madam Wang either. Instead, she was friendly to Madam Ge, who had come from the entertainment industry. This definitely sent a very strong signal.

Could it be that Fu Sinian was really charmed by beauty and had taken a fancy to that Internet celebrity?

It seemed that she had to be careful with her words and actions in the future. She could not afford to offend Madam Fu.

Now that Fu Sinian was at the helm of the Fu family, those who wanted to overturn the Fu family could only daydream.

… .

The filming was successfully completed.

The production team held a small wrap ceremony at the filming location.

Liu Yiming specially bought a bouquet of flowers for Shi Qian and fiery red roses.

In addition to these, Liu Yiming also gave all the staff a small gift.

“Senior is so attentive. He even gave us a gift.”

“Shi Qian’s gift is different!”

Shi Qian looked at the large bouquet of roses and couldn’t help but think about it. Ever since Liu Yiming sent her to the hospital and said those words to her that day, she felt that the atmosphere between her and Liu Yiming was no longer the same as before.

It had changed, but she couldn’t figure it out.

Today, seeing the large bouquet of roses, she seemed certain.

Did Liu Yiming like her?

After Liu Yiming sent the flowers, he couldn’t help but pay attention to Shi Qian’s expression.

Shi Qian kept looking at the flowers, as if she were lost in her own thoughts. She could not guess what she was thinking. There was only one thing she was sure of.

Shi Qian was not happy to receive his flowers.

No matter what the outcome was, he had to show Shi Qian his feelings and love today.

Shi Qian looked up at Liu Yiming and met his gaze.

Perhaps Liu Yiming had made up his mind. He no longer hid the way he looked at Shi Qian.

Shi Qian panicked under his hot gaze. They stared at each other for a few seconds before she looked away.

Did she like Liu Yiming?

Another question rose in her mind.

She liked him, but not out of love.

This liking was more like admiration.

Thinking of her mother’s words, Shi Qian felt pressured.

What kind of man could make her heart throb like that?

Fu Sinian suddenly appeared in Shi Qian’s mind.

In the next second, she thought of what had happened that day!

Her heart immediately sank.

She really didn’t need a man!

Xiao Yan looked in Shi Qian’s direction and glanced at Chen Song beside her.

“President Fu, you didn’t say anything when Miss Shi finished filming? You actually came empty-handed?” she asked Chen Song.