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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 386 - 386 Fu Family Style: Protective

386 Fu Family Style: Protective

“Yes.” Su Ruoqing smiled and nodded. Without waiting for Madam Fu to speak, she continued, “Look, even if she’s President Ge’s newlywed wife, who has received the congratulations from nobles and is doted on, she is still mocked when she comes to such an occasion.”

Madam Fu glanced in that direction and chuckled. “Is that so? Why do I feel that Madam Ge doesn’t seem to care?”


Su Ruoqing was stunned.

The rest of her words were choked back by Madam Fu’s words.

“You don’t have to come to me to talk in circles. If Sinian really has you in his heart, not to mention one Shi Qian, even ten Shi Qians can’t snatch him away from you,” Madam Fu said coldly.

“Madam Fu, do you really not care about the Fu family’s reputation? What’s so good about Shi Qian that you treat her so differently? In the future, won’t she be the same as Madam Ge if you attend such an occasion with Shi Qian? When the time comes, can you really stand such mockery?”

Madam Fu chuckled again. “Miss Su, you don’t know me too well. If I brought Shi Qian to such an occasion, no one would have the chance to mock her! You don’t know that the Fu family is protective.”

Su Ruoqing looked like a mute.

Seeing Madam Fu so protective of Shi Qian, her heart burned.

“What kind of Fu family member is Shi Qian? Sinian told me personally that he and Shi Qian have already gone through the divorce procedures. Moreover, he feels that this relationship makes him very tired. Sooner or later, he will realize that it’s easiest for him to be with me.” Su Ruoqing looked up with confidence.

“I’ve been learning about you since the day you appeared. Do you know that your current actions already involve invading a client’s privacy? Miss Su, no, I should call you Dr. Su. You think you know Sinian because Sinian is undergoing treatment at your place and everything about him is exposed to you! This is not your bargaining chip.”

Su Ruoqing was speechless again.

After a moment, she found her voice. “Don’t you feel sorry for Sinian for having such a serious psychological disorder?”

These words really pierced Madam Fu’s heart.

How could her heart not ache?

All along, she had not known that her son, who seemed to be impervious to everything, actually had such a serious psychological barrier!

She, who had always been strong, burst into tears when she heard the news.

What mother didn’t want her child to grow up carefree under her care?

Sinian’s father suddenly passed away. She didn’t even have time to be sad. Malicious intent and pressure from all directions surged towards the Fu family like a tsunami!

The old master was old. He had to see his child off. She had to put away her sadness and stand up for the man and child she loved.

It took three years for the Fu Corporation to stabilize in the storm.

She was in charge of the company. Although there were still some undesirable aspects, she finally stabilized the situation.

The old master was old and could not take it anymore, so he personally educated Sinian.

She knew how strict the old master was.

In fact, it was a tacit agreement.

As the only son of the Fu family, Sinian had an enviable background. Everyone wanted to be reborn into a similar situation but they didn’t know what kind of responsibility such a child had been born with.

The atmosphere was silent for a while before Madam Fu pulled herself out of her complicated emotions.

She looked up at Su Ruoqing, her gaze like an arrow that wanted to pierce through her heart!