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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 385 - 385 Exhausting All Efforts

385 Exhausting All Efforts

At this point, the old master could not say anything else.

“Okay, Grandpa promises you. But if you have any difficulties, you have to tell Grandpa, okay? You have to remember that you’re not alone now. You have Grandpa.”


“Yes!” Shi Qian nodded with tears in her eyes.

… .

At night, Madam Fu attended a cocktail party.

In the middle of the luxurious room was a long table with beautiful crystal wine sets.

Some beautifully dressed noblewomen stood at the table and discussed.

“What’s so good about this wine? It tastes the same to me.”

This sentence was immediately met with mockery from the people nearby.

“Why is she here at such an occasion?”

“I wonder who invited her. Any Tom, Dick, or Harry can really sneak into the noble circle in the capital.”

The woman being mocked by the crowd was a popular celebrity in the entertainment industry.

After marrying a man thirty years older than her, she had become a rich lady.

Madam Fu looked up in that direction.

Suddenly, she saw Su Ruoqing in the crowd.

Su Ruoqing immediately smiled at Madam Fu and quickly walked in her direction.

“Hello, Madam Fu.”

Madam Fu looked at Su Ruoqing coldly.

Everyone who participated in this drinking party had heard the gossip about Su Ruoqing and Fu Sinian. Now that they saw Madam Fu and Su Ruoqing in the same frame, they thought that Su Ruoqing had come with Madam Fu.

“Miss Su, we seem to have met more often recently,” Madam Fu said coldly.

Madam Fu’s attitude was so cold that Su Ruoqing did not feel embarrassed at all. She still had a proper smile on her face.

“That’s right. I’ve seen Madam Fu a lot recently.”

Everyone around them sensed that their auras did not match.

“Madam Fu has never liked to smile or speak. She always looks serious and cold to everyone. However, Su Ruoqing might be her future daughter-in-law. She doesn’t seem to like Su Ruoqing very much,” someone discussed softly.

“All these years, the only woman who has appeared by Fu Sinian’s side is Su Ruoqing. Moreover, Miss Su’s family is so good. They’re a match made in heaven. If Madam Fu isn’t even satisfied with Miss Su, what kind of girl can catch her eye?”

“You don’t know yet, do you? Some time ago, Fu Sinian also had a scandal with an Internet celebrity!”

“Internet celebrity? Does Fu Sinian like those too?”

A smile flashed across Su Ruoqing’s eyes as she listened to these people’s discussion. She wondered how Madam Fu felt.

Madam Wang, who was holding the cocktail party, quickly walked over.

“I’m very happy that everyone can do me the honor of coming over to taste the wine. We still have to invite Madam Fu to taste the wine.”

“I just saw that Miss Su knows a lot about wine.” Another voice sounded.

“I just know a little. I’ll have to ask Madam Fu for guidance in the future,” Su Ruoqing said humbly.

“Miss Su, are you free now? I want to teach you now,” Madam Fu said coldly, her tone a little oppressive.

“I can’t wait to be enlightened by Madam Fu!” Su Ruoqing said quickly.

Madam Fu turned around and left, walking towards the rest area.

Su Ruoqing quickly followed.

The rest of them looked in that direction. No one dared to disturb them.

After the two of them sat down, Su Ruoqing quickly picked up the bottle on the table and prepared to pour wine for Madam Fu.

Madam Fu suddenly reached out to block the wine glass.

“You invited that Mrs. Ge, right?” Madam Fu suddenly asked.

Mrs. Ge was the celebrity who had just been despised and mocked.