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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 384 - 384 It's All Because of Big Boss Fu

384 It’s All Because of Big Boss Fu

Jin An also looked out. “Old Master, Young Master Fu should be back.”

“What’s he doing back here? I don’t want to see him.” The old master turned angrily and headed for the house.


Jin An glanced at the old master and shook his head helplessly. He quickly went to welcome him.

The old master had just stepped through the door when Jin An’s excited voice sounded from behind him. “Old Master, look who’s back!”

“Grandpa!” Shi Qian called.

“Yes!” The old master did not even turn around. When he heard Shi Qian’s voice, he exclaimed readily.

Then, hehe turned around excitedly and looked at Shi Qian. “Oh! My Qian Qian is back! Hahaha!”

When Jin An heard the old master’s laughter, he was shocked!

The old master came to Shi Qian and held her hand affectionately. “Qian Qian, why didn’t you tell me in advance before you came back? I could have prepared myself. Have you eaten?”

“I’ve eaten. I just went to the hospital to visit Mom and ate with her,” Shi Qian replied gently.

“Have you seen Sinian’s mother?”

“When I arrived, Auntie had already left.” Shi Qian had specially come to visit the old master for this reason.


Sigh, this form of address really left the old master speechless.

It was all Fu Sinian’s doing!

“Old Master and Miss, let’s go in and talk?” Jin An reminded.

“Let’s go to the house and let Grandpa take a good look. Why do I feel like I’ve lost weight?” The old man pulled Shi Qian into the house.

It had been many days since he last saw her. The old master was overjoyed!

“Jin An, quickly bring some fruits over.”

“Okay!” Jin An’s footsteps became cheerful.

“Grandpa, I’m really full. Auntie sent so much over, but my mother and I didn’t finish them.”

“That’s for dinner and it’s been so long.”

“Miss, you have to come back and see the old master more often. If you don’t come, he’ll be an old master without a nest.” Jin An looked at Shi Qian and asked for her on behalf of the old master.

“In the future, I’ll come back to see Grandpa whenever I’m free!” Shi Qian replied.

The old master beamed when he heard that. “Qian Qian, you’re not leaving after coming back today, are you? You’re staying for the night.”

“Okay.” Shi Qian nodded.

The old master was excited to hear Shi Qian agree.

“Grandpa, I talked to the doctor at the hospital today. My mother will be discharged soon. I’ve rented a house. I’ll take my mother there directly.” Only then did Shi Qian get to the point.

The old master did not like to hear this.

“Qian Qian, how can you be busy with your studies and career and take care of your mother?”

“Grandpa, I wanted to discuss it with you today too. The caregiver who takes care of my mother is very meticulous now. I want to continue hiring her to take care of my mother when she’s discharged.”

“Okay, okay.” The old master nodded.

“I saw the hospital fees. They’re beyond my imagination. I’m really lucky to have met Grandpa and Auntie! Let me pay for the caregiver.”

“What are you talking about, girl! If you say that again, Grandpa will be angry!”

“Grandpa, I can take care of Mom now. There’s no problem with my income at all. I can’t accept your kindness anymore. Can you promise me, Grandpa?” Shi Qian asked sincerely.

The old master was angry and heartbroken. Was Qian Qian here to tell him this?