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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 383 - 383 Big Boss Fu Is Dead

383 Big Boss Fu Is Dead

After Shi Qian finished speaking, she still felt that it was not enough. She could not help but say, “He’s strong and domineering. In my world, he’s like a bandit who takes things by force!”

After Shi Qiuran heard this, she looked at Shi Qian with heartache.


She did not expect Shi Qian to have so much to say.

Outside the door, Fu Sinian took a deep breath and turned to Chen Song. “Is that so?”

Chen Song really wanted to block his ears, but the sound inside was too loud. He heard everything.

“President Fu, do you want to hear the truth or a lie?” he asked carefully.

“The truth.”

“What Madam just said is indeed so.”

Fu Sinian was about to knock and enter when he finally turned to leave.

“President Fu,” Chen Song called out and quickly followed.

Shi Qian gradually calmed down. She was also afraid that her emotions would affect her mother’s recovery.

Shi Qiuran didn’t dare mention Fu Sinian again.

“Mom, let’s eat. The food will be cold later.”

“You eat too.” Shi Qiuran handed a pair of chopsticks to Shi Qian.

After dinner, Shi Qian said goodbye to her mother.

After Shi Qian left, Shi Qiuran thought for a moment and called Fu Sinian.

“Sinian, are you free now? I have something to tell you.” Shi Qiuran had already changed her words and no longer called herself Fu Sinian’s mother.

Fu Sinian also felt the change.

“I’m free,” he replied calmly.

“Today, I talked to Qian Qian. She has a normal classmate relationship with that senior.”


Fu Sinian’s response was simple. Shi Qiuran felt a little embarrassed because what she said next was the point.

“Sinian, it’s difficult for Qian Qian to open her heart. If you push too hard, it will backfire and push her further and further away. I know you’re thinking about Qian Qian, but there are some ways that might make her feel uncomfortable.”

“I understand.”

“Thank you for taking care of Qian Qian and your grandfather and mother for taking care of me. I think we really can’t take these favors anymore.” Shi Qiuran’s apologetic voice sounded on the phone.

Fu Sinian listened, feeling extremely depressed.

“I understand,” he replied slowly.

“I’m sorry to have troubled you guys while Qian Qian and I were here.”

“I have something else to do. We’ll talk again when we’re free.”

“Okay, okay, go ahead.” Shi Qiuran immediately hung up.

… .

After Old Master Fu finished dinner, he was feeding the fish by the fish pond. After spilling a little fish food, he was no longer in the mood and poured a plate of fish food into it.

“Old Master, the fish are stunned by your feeding method,” Jin An reminded him.

“So be it. My mind has been muddled for the past few days.”

The old master clapped his hands. Jin An immediately handed him a towel to wipe his hands.

“At the hospital, Qian Qian’s mother is preparing to start work to pay for the caregiver herself. Qian Qian also rented a house outside. Do you think Fu Sinian is useful at all? Huh? If he was useful at all, would it be like this?”

Jin An did not dare to make a sound. He knew that the old master had been holding his breath for the past few days.

He couldn’t see Young Madam even if he wanted to, and Young Master Fu and Young Madam had fallen out so badly.

“Back then, I said that I would bring Qian Qian’s mother to the old residence! What about him? I don’t know where he got his confidence from, but he wanted to bring Qian Qian’s mother to his place! I even agreed!”

Jin An was speechless. Was the old master even angry at him?

“It’s dead, completely dead!” The old master shook his head helplessly.

Suddenly, there was the sound of a car engine outside. The old master looked in the direction of the courtyard door.