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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 380 - 380 Do You Know How Wonderful You Are to Me?

380 Do You Know How Wonderful You Are to Me?

After filming, Chauffeur Dong walked into the set and came to Shi Qian.

“Miss Shi, where are you going now? I’ll drive you.”


“No need,” Shi Qian refused softly. She turned and walked towards Liu Yiming. “Senior, are you free today? I want to see my mother. Can you take me there?”

Liu Yiming immediately nodded. “Let Chen Chen clean up here. We can leave now.”

“Yiming, Qian Qian, don’t worry. I’m here!” Chen Chen immediately said.

The car was on the road. It was still early and not very congested.

“Shi Qian, I’m free today. If it’s convenient, can I visit your mother?” Liu Yiming asked Shi Qian.

“My mother already thinks it’s expensive for you to buy so much stuff last time. I deliberately asked you out today. There’s something I want to tell you,” Shi Qian said slowly.


“For some reason, the school has been filled with our rumors recently. I’m used to it anyway, but it will affect you badly. I think it’s necessary to clarify things.”

Liu Yiming secretly gripped the steering wheel. “Did you call me out today to tell me about this?”

“Yes.” Shi Qian nodded.

“Since it’s a rumor, there’s no need to bother about it. It will disappear automatically after a while. Why waste time clarifying? Moreover, even if you clarify it, there’s still no way to stop their words.”


“Shi Qian, I’ve never felt that it’s a bad thing to have a rumor with you. Do you know how beautiful you are to me?”

When Shi Qian heard this, she was stunned.

They arrived at the red light intersection. Liu Yiming stopped the car and turned to look at Shi Qian.

“Do you remember the first time we met? Other freshmen reported with their parents, but you were alone. You had to queue in three long lines before you could complete the reporting procedures.”

Shi Qian’s thoughts were pulled back to the present. “It was really a busy day. Fortunately, you helped me. Otherwise, I would have queued for at least two to three hours.”

“I didn’t cut the line for you. I was the one who queued up for you in the third line,” Liu Yiming said with a smile.

“Huh?” Shi Qian looked shocked. “I thought…”

“Do you think I’ll use my small power to cut the queue for you?”

Shi Qian couldn’t help but laugh. “Then I have to thank Senior for taking care of me again.”

“There was another time when my stomach hurt. I happened to meet you and you sent me to the infirmary.”

Liu Yiming was about to speak when the car behind him beeped.

He immediately started the car and drove forward.

He had wanted to say that it was not a coincidence.

Instead, he knew that Shi Qian would go to the library to study every day.

However, she did not go that day.

He specially went to her dormitory and happened to notice that she was holding her stomach in discomfort.

With this casual remark, Shi Qian immediately recalled her memories. It seemed that she had interacted with Liu Yiming a few times.

In that case, they were not strangers.

The car stopped in the hospital parking lot.

Liu Yiming got out of the car first and helped Shi Qian open the door.

Shi Qian looked up at Liu Yiming. The setting sun made him look like he was shining. She was a little stunned.

A few seconds later, she came back to her senses and hurriedly got out of the car.

“Be careful!” Liu Yiming suddenly reached out and hugged her waist.

An electric car sped past, almost hitting Shi Qian.