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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 378 - 378 Look What Huge News He Heard

378 Look What Huge News He Heard

“Wow! Really?”

“Of course! This is Yiming’s first work. In the future, when he becomes a big director, not everyone can invest in this documentary!”


After Chen Chen finished speaking, he looked in Shi Qian’s direction. “Our Junior Qian Qian hasn’t debuted yet. This is also her first film. In the future, when she becomes a famous celebrity, our documentary will definitely sell for a higher price!”

Liu Yiming walked over from afar and interrupted Chen Chen when he heard his voice. “This documentary is not for money. It’s just a hobby. I agreed to a sponsor because I want to make it better.”

“Yes, yes.” Chen Chen nodded repeatedly.

“Let’s not talk about whether it can make money. A team like Yiming and Qian Qian is the best combination.”

Shi Qian was originally just listening. When she realized that Chen Chen was talking about Liu Yiming and her again, she knew that there must be something else.

She vaguely felt that Chen Chen always wanted to pull her and Liu Yiming together.

Chen Chen did not continue and suddenly walked in a direction.

“Today, I want to introduce everyone to an important person.” Chen Chen pulled out a man who looked to be in his forties in a gray suit.

“Let me introduce you to our sponsor, Manager Lin. He also likes non-legacy culture very much and specially came to our production team to instruct us to work. Everyone, welcome him warmly.”

“Hello, everyone.” Manager Lin greeted everyone.

“Hello, Manager Lin,” everyone replied enthusiastically.

This Manager Lin had undoubtedly become a big sponsor in the production team.

“Are Miss Shi and Director Liu a couple? I think the two of them have such a tacit understanding on the set, like people in love,” Manager Lin suddenly said, looking at Shi Qian.

Shi Qian looked at Liu Yiming and realized that he had no intention of clarifying.

“Manager Lin, you’re mistaken. Senior and I are not a couple.” She took the initiative to clarify.

This misunderstanding could not continue to fester.

Liu Yiming’s heart tightened slightly when he heard Shi Qian’s clarification.

“No? That’s a pity. I’ve never seen such a good match.” Manager Lin smiled at Liu Yiming.

“Indeed not,” Liu Yiming said slowly.

“Oh, that’s a pity.”

“Manager Lin, although it’s not now, maybe it will be soon?” Chen Chen pulled Manager Lin and whispered.

Manager Lin immediately smiled and nodded. “Yes, yes.”

“Chen Chen, is the equipment ready? It’s time to film,” Liu Yiming asked.

“Alright, alright!” Chen Chen immediately replied.

Shi Qian walked forward and communicated with Liu Yiming about the positioning.

Chen Song happened to arrive at the set. Seeing that the set was so lively, he did not go over and happened to hear the conversation just now.

He glanced at Manager Lin.

What hadn’t he seen a compatible couple? His eyesight wasn’t good, was it?

Their President Fu and Madam were clearly the most compatible!

Wait, Madam had just clarified! She had personally said that she and Liu Yiming were not a couple!

Oh my! He had heard some huge news!

He quickly ran out.

Fu Sinian was still in a meeting when Chen Song suddenly rushed into the conference room.

He was the CEO’s special assistant. Could something have happened to him for him to rush in like this!

Everyone present was extremely nervous. They secretly flipped through the information on the computer to see if it was their problem.