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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 377 - 377 Looking Like A Fool

377 Looking Like A Fool

“No need.” Fu Sinian refused, his gaze still on the fifteenth floor.

Jiang Feng simply squatted on the ground.


She really did not know what Young Master Fu had done to be so humble to Young Madam.

… .

Shi Qian ate something and slept. Her mental state was stable again and she began to pack.

She knew that most of the things she had brought back today had been bought by Fu Sinian’s mother.

How could she repay this favor?

After packing up, Shi Qian went to the balcony. It was late and cold. The breeze made her feel very comfortable.

She looked up at the night view.

Fu Sinian’s eyes burned when he saw the figure appear on the balcony.

After so long, this was what he had been waiting for.

Shi Qian was looking at the scenery, unaware that she had also become the most beautiful scenery in Fu Sinian’s eyes.

Jiang Feng looked up and saw Fu Sinian’s expression. He immediately followed Fu Sinian’s gaze and saw the figure standing on the balcony.

So Young Master Fu had seen Young Madam. No wonder he looked like a fool.

… .

Su Ruoqing had been paying attention to Shi Qian, Liu Yiming, and Fu Sinian’s schedule.

She vaguely felt that something must have happened between Shi Qian and Fu Sinian.

In the past, Fu Sinian would tell her everything, but this time, Fu Sinian didn’t look for her.

This was a very dangerous signal for her.

Fu Sinian was gradually not needing her.

She had no other way to let Fu Sinian return to the past. She could only attack Shi Qian.

She had made a few moves but failed to separate Fu Sinian and Shi Qian completely. Instead, Fu Sinian’s feelings for Shi Qian deepened.

She asked her assistant beside her, “How long until Liu Yiming’s documentary is finished?”

“There are three days left. President Su, I heard from the production team that Liu Yiming is going to confess to Shi Qian at the wrap banquet after filming.”

“Is this information reliable?”


“Keep an eye on it. I want to know the full progress of this matter.”

“President Su, Liu Yiming has agreed to our cooperation. It’s reasonable for him to supervise the filming on the spot in the name of the investor. I’ll send someone to the scene.”

“That’s fine. But remember, no matter what happens in the future, this person can’t be traced back to me.”

“President Su, don’t worry. I understand.”

“Okay, go arrange it.”

In the name of investing, Su Ruoqing crazily infiltrated various industries after returning to the country. She registered countless companies with her funds. With just a small sum of money, she easily funded Liu Yiming’s production team.

She knew that Shi Qian and Liu Yiming were not a couple. She guessed that Shi Qian must have said it on purpose for Fu Sinian to hear.

She also knew that Liu Yiming liked Shi Qian.

If Shi Qian was really with Liu Yiming, Fu Sinian was definitely not the kind of person who would pester her. He would definitely have nothing to do with Shi Qian anymore!

Su Ruoqing suddenly had an idea.

… .

In the next few days, Fu Sinian never appeared in front of Shi Qian again.

On the other hand, Chen Song would come to Shi Qian from time to time.

Shi Qian only greeted him when they met and did not say much.

“We’re almost done filming. It’s been a tough few days. We have to hold a wrap party to celebrate.” Chen Chen’s voice suddenly sounded.

“Does the team still have money?”

“Of course! Don’t underestimate Yiming. Although he hasn’t officially graduated, someone has already invested in our production team because of his reputation!”