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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 373 - 373 Lost It So Easily

373 Lost It So Easily

Finally the car stopped.

Shi Qian looked up at the window.


Realizing that it was really the Sunshine District, she relaxed a little.

Fu Sinian got out of the car and reached out to help Shi Qian.

Shi Qian did not take his hand. Instead, she avoided his arm and held the door as she got out.

“I’ll walk you up.” As soon as Fu Sinian finished speaking, Shi Qian didn’t respond and quickly walked forward.

Fu Sinian reacted and chased after her.

Shi Qian had already swiped her key card and entered the neighborhood.

Fu Sinian was a step slower and was stopped outside.

When the security guard saw Fu Sinian, he immediately walked out with a thermos.

“Do you live in this neighborhood?” the old man asked Fu Sinian.

“No.” Fu Sinian kept looking in Shi Qian’s direction. Shi Qian had already run into a building. Knowing that he was behind her, she didn’t dare to look back.

The old master looked at Fu Sinian. “What are you doing in broad daylight! You look decent. Why are you following that young lady!”

Fu Sinian glanced back at the old master. “That’s my wife.”

With that, he turned and left.

The man was left dumbfounded.

Fu Sinian got into the car, his heart feeling even more depressed.

How could he feel at ease with Shi Qian alone at this time?

But she might be even more worried with him by her side.

“President Fu, where are we going now?” Chauffeur Dong asked.

“Just park here. We’re not going anywhere. You can get off work.”

“President Fu, will you continue to stay here? If I’m off work, who will take you back?”

“I’ll call Jiang Feng over.”

“Okay, I’ll leave first.” Chauffeur Dong got out of the car.

Fu Sinian was alone in the car. He couldn’t help but turn his head and watch Shi Qian enter the building through the window.

… .

Shi Qian returned to the house and quickly closed the door. Her tense emotions slowly relaxed.

She leaned against the door. Her legs were still weak, and her private parts ached.

She put the things down and headed for the bathroom.

She didn’t even take off her clothes. She turned on the tap and the water from the shower poured over her head.

After a while, she wiped the water from her face and slowly opened her eyes.

She took off her clothes and saw that a small piece of fabric was still stained with faint blood. It was wet and faded.

A sense of grievance welled up in her, making her heart ache.

She didn’t value such things very much, and Fu Sinian didn’t really do much to her.

However, what was lost was still lost.

What worried her even more was Fu Sinian’s pestering.

He would not stop until he achieved his goal.

She was like a fat piece of meat being targeted by a wolf. The wolf wouldn’t let her off until he swallowed her.

In front of Fu Sinian, her resistance was like a clown, making her look even more overconfident.

Shi Qian shook her head, trying to drive all thoughts out of her mind.

After showering, she wrapped a towel and came out. Fortunately, she had bought some food and put it in the fridge. She prepared something to eat in case she came over.

As soon as she opened the fridge, Shi Qian saw the beer she had bought for cooking.

There was a promotion and she bought six cans. Now, it came in handy.

She wanted to drink.

Best of all, she wanted to be drunk.

If she was drunk, she wouldn’t have to think about all that nonsense.

She went to the living room and sat on the floor. She opened a can and drank half of it in one go.

The sky gradually darkened. Shi Qian was still sitting alone in the darkness.

“It’s easy to live, people. It’s so hard to live life your way.”