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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 371 - 371 Still Crying? Kiss Your Tears Until They're Dry

371 Still Crying? Kiss Your Tears Until They’re Dry

Fu Sinian’s face was terrifyingly dark. It was impossible to guess what he was thinking at this moment.

Fu Sinian’s face was terrifyingly dark. It was impossible to guess what he was thinking at this moment.


“I respect myself? When I was with Liu Yiming, did I ask him to respect himself?” Fu Sinian asked.

He admitted that he was jealous. So jealous.

His heart seemed to have been soaked in vinegar for another hundred years!

“Has Liu Yiming ever kissed you like this? You definitely won’t reject Liu Yiming like you reject me, right?”

With that, Fu Sinian kissed Shi Qian hard on the lips again.

Shi Qian gradually lost her strength from his stirring. Her struggles and resistance were nothing in front of Fu Sinian.

“What else did he do to you besides kiss you?”

“There’s nothing between us! Not every man is like you,” Shi Qian retorted angrily.

“Shi Qian, you don’t understand men. Men only have one ultimate goal: to get laid. It’s just that I’m bent on getting laid, and Liu Yiming wants to talk to you about relationships.”

Fu Sinian’s hand moved to her.

Shi Qian immediately held her breath.

“Your heart is beating so fast?” Fu Sinian glanced at it with a wicked smile on his lips. He leaned into Shi Qian’s ear and his charming voice slowly sounded. “It suits my palm.”

Shi Qian still had her seatbelt on. If Fu Sinian’s strength hadn’t pressed down on her, she wouldn’t have been able to get up.

“Shi Qian, have you heard a rumor? If the compatibility is just right, it means that we’re the most suitable. Can Liu Yiming be so compatible with you?”

Shi Qian held her breath for a moment. Just as she was about to suffocate, she finally couldn’t help but take deep breaths.

This was exactly what Fu Sinian wanted.

It was as if she was responding to him.

His gaze was like a bandit’s as he studied Shi Qian.

“Do you know what I was thinking when I chose this dress for you?” he asked again.

Shi Qian’s breathing faltered again.

Fu Sinian said slowly, “Convenient.”

Shi Qian raised her hand and waved it at Fu Sinian again!

Fu Sinian grabbed her wrist firmly and easily stopped her slap.

The humiliation in Shi Qian’s heart could no longer be endured. Tears fell like beads from a broken string.

Fu Sinian cupped her small face with heartache and kissed her tears.

His heart ached.

He was the one who had made her cry.

“Shi Qian, tell me, how can I get you? What exactly can I do to make my place in your heart?”

“I just want you to stay away from my world! To disappear from my world without a trace!” Shi Qian cried and shouted at him.

Fu Sinian wiped the tears from her face.

“If it’s Liu Yiming, can you bear to let him disappear from your world? Shi Qian, I can’t give him up. I’m not that magnanimous.”

Fu Sinian kissed her cheek again.

Why were there so many damn tears!

He suddenly unbuckled Shi Qian’s seat belt and pulled her into his arms.

Shi Qian’s body tensed.

“If you still cry, I can only kiss your tears dry.”

With that, Fu Sinian lowered his head and kissed Shi Qian’s lips.

Shi Qian’s strength had long been exhausted by him. She was like an obedient doll, at his mercy.

Suddenly, Shi Qian panicked.

Her hands gripped Fu Sinian’s arms tightly.

She didn’t know that Fu Sinian could be so shameless!

“It’s certainly convenient,” he said above her head.

He pressed her head and buried her in his chest.

She was trembling! Her small body was trembling violently!

“It hurts!” Shi Qian suddenly grabbed his arm and cried helplessly.