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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 370 - 370 She Had Hold Back This Slap For A Long Time

370 She Had Hold Back This Slap For A Long Time

Since she had made up her mind not to have anything to do with Fu Sinian, she couldn’t hesitate.

“Grandpa bought the car. Xiao Yan was hired by my mother. I can’t make the decision.” Fu Sinian looked down at Shi Qian.


Shi Qian looked at him and immediately looked away.

Fu Sinian suddenly raised Shi Qian’s chin and forced her to look up and meet her eyes.

“Shi Qian, break up with Liu Yiming!” These words were like the roar of a trapped beast. Although he was still as domineering as ever, there was a hint of suppressed helplessness.

Shi Qian was definitely the greatest difficulty he had encountered in his life!

“Young Master Fu, our situation has nothing to do with Liu Yiming. It’s me. I don’t want to have anything to do with you!” Shi Qian clarified word by word.

“Shi Qian, you can’t just leave like that.” Fu Sinian pinched Shi Qian’s chin and secretly tightened his grip.

“So Young Master Fu is also such a dishonest person. You can’t do what you said.”

“Ha!” Fu Sinian sneered. “I didn’t expect you to have such a high opinion of me. You’re really flattering me.”

Shi Qian panicked completely.

She felt that Fu Sinian wouldn’t be persuaded by force or words. She was in a dilemma and had no choice.

The suffocating feeling made her feel rebellious.

The more domineering Fu Sinian was, the more she wanted to resist.

Even if an egg hit a rock, she wanted to touch it.

“Shi Qian…” Fu Sinian called out and pecked Shi Qian’s red lips gently.

Shi Qian frowned and struggled free of Fu Sinian’s hand.

Fu Sinian’s suppressed anger kept rising.

What had just happened at the theater replayed in his mind.

Liu Yiming said that what happened between him and Shi Qian had nothing to do with him. Shi Qian’s reply was obviously on Liu Yiming’s side.

She also felt that what happened between her and Liu Yiming had nothing to do with her.

Was she so protective of Liu Yiming?

Fu Sinian turned Shi Qian’s body and trapped her between the seats.

Shi Qian was suddenly so nervous that she could not breathe.

“Fu Sinian, you… go away!” Shi Qian couldn’t push him away. She kept punching Fu Sinian’s chest.

Fu Sinian held her wrist tightly.

At this moment, Shi Qian was like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered, allowing him to do whatever he wanted!

He leaned over and sealed Shi Qian’s lips.

Shi Qian suddenly bit down hard!

The smell of blood filled their mouths.

Suddenly, he released Shi Qian’s hand and cupped her cheek with both hands, deepening the kiss.

Shi Qian couldn’t breathe and could only let go of him.

In the next second, he captured her lips completely in a domineering manner.

The burning pain made Shi Qian’s brows furrow. He was so strong. She felt as if he was biting her lips off.

The intense pain made tears flood her eyes and instantly wet her eyelashes.

Fu Sinian was like an out-of-control beast. He didn’t regain a trace of rationality until he tasted the tears that had fallen from Shi Qian’s cheeks.

He looked up slowly at Shi Qian’s tearful face.

Their lips were covered in blood, turning them exceptionally red!

Fu Sinian looked at her red lips and his Adam’s apple moved slightly.

A thought flashed through his mind: I want her!

Slap! Shi Qian raised her hand and slapped him.

A bright red handprint immediately appeared on Fu Sinian’s porcelain face!

After the beating, Shi Qian was a little afraid. She secretly cheered herself on.

She had wanted to hit him for a long time! She had kept this slap in for a long time!