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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 368 - 368 Dog Food Maker

368 Dog Food Maker

Fu Sinian glanced down. The card was indeed signed by Shi Qian.

“Do you have a pen?” he asked Yangyang softly.


“Here you go.” Yangyang quickly raised her pen and handed it to Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian signed his name beside Shi Qian’s.

“President Fu, I’ll have to trouble you to give me a fingerprint.”

“Fingerprints?” Fu Sinian was also surprised.

“Yes, look, these are the finger marks Sister Shi Qian made with lipstick. If you press one here, it can become a heart. It proves that the two of you are loving each other,” Yang Yang explained reasonably.

“Loving each other?” A smile flashed in Fu Sinian’s eyes.

He suddenly walked in the direction of Shi Qian.

Shi Qian heard footsteps behind her and turned around, almost bumping into Fu Sinian’s arms.

Fu Sinian suddenly reached out to her. She ducked back warily.

“Don’t move.” Fu Sinian put a hand on her shoulder and wiped his finger across her lips.

It was more or less flirtatious to do such a thing in public.

Fu Sinian looked at the lipstick on his thumb and pressed it where Shi Qian had pressed her fingerprint earlier. Their fingerprints formed a beautiful heart.

Shi Qian froze at the sight.

“You have to keep this well. In the future, when you grow up, you can come to me with this postcard. I can satisfy one of your wishes.” Fu Sinian handed the postcard to Yangyang.

“Thank you, President Fu!” Yang Yang thanked him excitedly.

“Only thank me?”

“Thank you, Sister Shi Qian!” Yang Yang was very smart and reacted quickly. When she called Shi Qian, she narrowed her eyes happily.

Rong Qi held the teapot in his hand and wanted to smash it angrily.

Fu Sinian was really too much. Wherever he went, dog food would be distributed.

He was simply a dog food manufacturer!

“Have you booked a place to eat?” Fu Sinian asked Rong Qi.

“It’s set,” Rong Qi replied angrily.

Fu Sinian invited Liu Yiming, who had been looking in their direction. “Senior, do you want to go with us?”

Shi Qian immediately felt nervous.

“I still have something on. I’m not free today,” Liu Yiming replied calmly.

“Thank you for giving my Qian Qian’s mother a gift last time. It’s only right that I treat you to a meal. Since you’re not free today, we can only wait for the next time,” Fu Sinian said regretfully.

My Qian Qian? When Shi Qian heard these words, her heart trembled uncontrollably. She couldn’t help but look up at Fu Sinian.

After all, Liu Yiming was young. How could he resist Fu Sinian’s aura?

The words exuded a dangerous aura.

Fu Sinian was like a lion, showing a strong possessiveness towards Shi Qian and declaring his sovereignty.

Whoever dared to touch Fu Sinian’s people would die!

As the person involved, Liu Yiming clearly felt the message Fu Sinian sent.

He secretly clenched his hands and looked at Fu Sinian fearlessly.

“Actually, Qian Qian has already treated me to a meal. You don’t have to worry about these small matters, Mr. Fu. Besides, this is between Qian Qian and me,” Liu Yiming retorted neither servile nor overbearing.

The atmosphere immediately became tense and solemn.

Chen Chen hid behind Liu Yiming in fear.

Everyone smelled gunpowder.

“Yes, I’ve already treated senior to dinner,” Shi Qian interjected.

These words undoubtedly caught Fu Sinian off guard.