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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 367 - 367 The Whole Family Hasn't Returned With a Beauty

367 The Whole Family Hasn’t Returned With a Beauty

Xiao Yan looked at Rong Qi’s bitter expression and shook her head with a smile.

“Think about it carefully. Someone like Young Master Fu, despite having his entire family’s help, hasn’t even won a beauty yet. It’s normal for me to be alone.” Rong Qi comforted himself.


“That’s right, Third Master. It’s good that you’re over it,” Xiao Yan replied with a smile.

The filming went smoothly today. It was an hour ahead of schedule and the task was completed.

Shi Qian changed and walked out. She suddenly realized that Fu Sinian had walked into the theater.

Why was Fu Sinian here again? And he seemed to have arrived at the right time!

Fu Sinian immediately saw Shi Qian and walked in her direction.

“Young Master Fu!” Rong Qi immediately waved warmly at Fu Sinian and greeted him.

Fu Sinian glanced at Rong Qi and ignored him.

“Are you done filming?” Fu Sinian asked Shi Qian.

“I just finished filming. Young Master Fu, I still have something to deal with today. I’ll leave first.” Shi Qian picked up her things and wanted to slip away.

Fu Sinian reached out and grabbed the back of her shirt, pulling her back.

Shi Qian was about to suffocate, but she couldn’t leave again. She could only stand where she was like a chick being carried by Fu Sinian.

“Didn’t you say you wanted to see me?” Fu Sinian walked around to Shi Qian, his low voice magnetic.

“When did I say I wanted to see you?” Shi Qian was confused. She looked in Xiao Yan’s direction. Xiao Yan was also looking in her direction with a proper smile.

She did have something to tell Fu Sinian, but there was no need to talk about it in person. She could talk over the phone.

“I do have something to tell you. Let go first.” Shi Qian felt that it was really not good to be carried by Fu Sinian like this.

Fu Sinian let go, but his tall figure blocked Shi Qian’s path. He looked not far away and said slowly, “There are many people here, so it’s not convenient to talk. If there’s anything, I’ll talk to you when we get back.”

“My words are simple. Just two sentences,” Shi Qian said quickly.

No matter what, she wouldn’t return to his place with Fu Sinian today!

“Young Master Fu, what are you two doing? You came at the right time. Qian Qian has just finished filming. It’s getting late. We can go eat.” Rong Qi shouted at the two of them.

“You can decide on the place,” Fu Sinian replied.

“Okay, I’ll arrange it immediately.” Rong Qi immediately took out his phone and made a call.

“Young Master Fu, I really have something on today.” Shi Qian really did not want to go.

“Rong Qi is the one who arranged the meal. If you can’t go, you’ll have to tell Rong Qi.” Fu Sinian threw the question out.

Shi Qian was speechless.

Rong Qi’s enthusiasm was definitely irresistible.

“Then I’ll say goodbye to everyone.” Shi Qian turned and walked in Liu Yiming’s direction.

Liu Yiming watched as Shi Qian walked over and slowly relaxed his secretly clenched hands.

“Senior, I still have something on. I’ll leave first.”

“Okay.” Liu Yiming nodded.

Fu Sinian kept looking in Shi Qian’s direction. Shi Qian even specially went over to greet Liu Yiming. It was obvious that she still cared about Liu Yiming.

He felt uncomfortable.

“President Fu.” A child’s voice suddenly sounded.

Fu Sinian looked down at his side. A little boy in a costume came to him.

This little boy had been filming with Shi Qian. He had seen him yesterday.

“President Fu, can I have your autograph? It’s beside Sister Shi Qian’s name.” Yang Yang took out a postcard and handed it to Fu Sinian.